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Avalon announces new PC budget range

Publisher Avalon Interactive has announced the signing of a new deal with Dutch publisher / developer Xing Interactive which will see the creation of a new budget range of PC titles called Just 2 Play.

The new range, which will be available in the UK and Benelux territories, will consist of eleven titles at launch in September, priced at either UKP 4.99 (seven titles) or UKP 9.99 (four titles).

"Xing Interactive have a proven track record of releasing quality titles at competitive prices in other territories," according to Avalon Interactive managing director Tim Jakob, "so I'm delighted to have entered into a this partnership in time for the launch of Avalon Interactive's Just 2 Play range in the UK."

"We already enjoy a strong relationship with Interplay and Titus," he continued, "but it's promising to see new parties sign up with Avalon. In the coming weeks weââ'¬—¢ll be announcing other exciting new publishing deals."

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