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Aussie industry plans strong GDC showing

More than 30 developers to attend San Francisco event, says GDAA

The Game Developers' Association of Australia has revealed that over 30 developers are planning to travel to next week's GDC event, a move it believes shows that "signs are encouraging for the Australian development community."

"There is no question the current economic crisis has had an adverse effect on our industry, but it has put Australian developers in a unique and enviable position," said Tom Crago, resident of the GDAA. "The simple fact is that right now you get far more value for money developing in Australia than in pretty much any other territory in the world.

"We now have a situation where Australian teams can deliver more on a game than ever before. Studios can now put more resources onto a project, with no increase in cost to our publisher partners. It's a great situation for everybody involved."

Companies set to travel to the event include Infinite Interactive, Halfbrick Studios, Transmission Games, Tantalus, Firemint, Iron Monkey Studios, Endgame Studios, Redtribe, Wicked Witch, and Torus Games, and the GDAA will be hosting a networking event at the Roe Restaurant on the event of March 26.

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