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Online remixing contest launched.

Nexon America, a pioneer in free-to-play online gaming, wants to give music gamers a chance show off remixing skills. Go to Musicshake.com and create a remix of the popular song, The Touchdown Turnaround, and enter to win a chance for your remix to be included in the popular online dancing game, Audition.

Musicshake is a free online program that makes it easy for anyone to produce their own original or remixed songs. Users simply combine various instrument modules (from a list of thousands), and can even add their own vocals to tracks they create. Users will get a chance to vote for their favorite remix.

Nexon Passport and Musicshake ID’s are required to participate in the event and both are free. Go to:




Deadlines: entries must be received by September 23 and voting begins September 24 and closes October 1, with winners announced October 8.


(1st place, 1 winner) - featured remix in-game + 100,000 NEXON cash

(2nd place, 1 winner) – 50,000 NEXON cash

(3rd place, 30 winners) – 5,000 NEXON cash

To learn more, visit http://eng.musicshake.com/event/event_view.php?eid=7&src=text&kw=000019

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