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Atomic Shadow Skater

OpenFeint Achievements added.


ChaosTrend’s continuing support for their first iPhone game Atomic Shadow Skater is reaching new audiences by including OpenFeint’s Achievement structure. Players can now play against people from across the globe for the highest scores shown on the online high score tables, quickest times or just enjoy collecting the achievements to boost their ratings.  Achievements have been included to both the free and paid versions of the game and more tricks & levels will be added in the coming months.


Development on their new cross platform games engine called the ‘XPM Engine’ is reaching a zenith, with all games following ‘Mine Cart Rumble’ using the new Engine, means that Android will get its own version of future ChaosTrend titles. There are no plans as yet to sell/license the engine as middleware, but Darren Adams MD of ChaosTrend has not ruled it out saying “We are developing the engine to a point where it can compete with current tools out there before we start using it for our own games. But I am confident that once the engine is completed, it will be a valid alternative to some of the bigger names out there and could potentially be used by other studios if we feel it is the right time to do it.”


ChaosTrend’s new game ‘Mine Cart Rumble’ is due out at the end of October and will be on sale for iPhone 3G/4G and iPad only, though once the engine is complete the game may be converted to Android and possibly other platforms.


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