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Atari.com relaunched as first stage of Atari online plans

New site introduces digital downloads and free retro games

Atari has relaunched its website Atari.com to include a digital download store, free-to-play coin-op arcade and 2600 classics and exclusive merchandise.

At the site's Atari Arcade, free games such as Asteroids, Adventure, Battlezone, Crystal Castles, Lunar Lander and Yars Revenge are available to play, and come with worldwide leader boards.

Users can also buy Atari branded merchandise, obtain exclusive discounts on game bundles, and digitally download selected titles.

"Today commences the first stage in Atari's ongoing commitment to growing its online business with the re-launch of Atari.com," said president and CEO Jim Wilson. "Our online roadmap contains a multitude of enhancements and exciting new features which over time will redefine how people play and connect with Atari."

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Kath Brice