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Asia: need for fighting spirit.

Three Russian battle-involving PC games now discover Asian Market

Moscow, Russia, March 14, 2008 - Game Factory Interactive is happy to announce that we have entered into a 3-year agreement with Atari Taiwan, a key Taiwanese games industry player, on a number of games - Officers, Warfare and Pranksters: Off your boss!. The titles will be localized in traditional Chinese and distributed in Taiwan.

About Officers

A superb global-scale RTS, concerned with WWII events. Among the game advantages are: reproduction of most memorable battles, ability to create alternative scenarios, authentic war units and real-life graphics, an advanced map and mod editor.

About Warfare

In this title you have to take command over US armed forces in order to fight back terrorists and restore local government control in Saudi Arabia.

About Pranksters: Off your boss!

Unlike the two previous games, this one involves you in 'war battles' of local scale - office staff battles - to be more exact. Feel free to spit nails with the office gadgets, play jokes and pranks on your boss and colleagues - the only term is not to get caught.

About GFI

GFI ( www.gfi.su) is an established Russian developer and publisher of interactive software and multimedia products for PC, Wireless and DVD-Video platforms.

We specialize in Entertainment, Educational and Productivity software and Video products as well as hosting for MMOG for both domestic and international markets. With several development offices in Russia and Ukraine, we have a proven track record of creating original quality content ranging from casual to hard core.

About Atari Taiwan

A publishing and distribution arm of Atari in Chinese speaking markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Atari publishes, develops (through external resources), and distributes video games for all platforms, including Sony PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Game Cube, Wii and DS, and Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, as well as for PCs. The products Atari publishes or distributes extend across most major video game genres, including action, adventure, strategy, role playing and racing. More information about Atari Taiwan at: http://www.tw.atari.com.

GFI PR Contact:

Nataly Malceva

(495) 660 5751 ext. 149



Atari Taiwan PR Contact:

Luna Huang

E-mail: luna.huang@atari.com

Tel: +886-2-2717 0777 ext. 25


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