The transcendent appeal of Mount & Blade: Warband

Why I Love: The degree of difficulty for dev and player alike got John Nejady interested in TaleWorlds' medieval battle game, but the community he found made it something more

By John Nejady

Super Crate Box: Elegant, frantic, and unapologetically small

WarpThrough developer Ramon Huiskamp didn't full appreciate Vlambeer's action game until he tried to make something like it

By Ramon Huiskamp

How God of War converted a non-believer

Why I Love: Double Eleven's Matt Dunthorne says the 2018 revamp turned him from uninterested onlooker into full-on fanboy

By Matt Dunthorne

The never-ending journey of No Man's Sky

Why I Love: EA Vancouver games researcher James Berg loses himself in Hello Games' vast universe

By James Berg

Soul Reaver: Audacious, pulpy, intelligent, trashy, uncompromising

Why I Love: TheChineseRoom's Dan Pinchbeck pays tribute to Crystal Dynamics' PSOne vampiric action-adventure

By Dan Pinchbeck

Braid and the beauty of not wasting time

Why I Love: A Duel Hand Disaster dev Jaycee Salinas takes inspiration from the indie time manipulation platformer

By Jaycee Salinas

How Astroneer creates an enjoyably unsafe space

Why I Love: Student game developer Aden Webb explores the mood-building design decisions of System Era's survival sandbox

By Aden Webb

Diablo III's devilish appeal is in the details

Why I Love: Kopla Games CEO Mika Kuusisto explains why his career has been intertwined with Blizzard's hit from the very start

By Mika Kuusisto

Courtship Under a Killing Moon

Why I Love: D'Avekki Studios' Tim Cowles knew he'd found a keeper thanks to those three little words: Full Motion Video

By Tim Cowles

Inside made you feel like an unwelcome guest

Why I Love: Lilly Devon goes into the stripped down genius of Playdead's alienating platformer

By Lilly Devon

The timeless magic of Shadow of the Colossus

Why I Love: In Vitro Games founder Ricardo Verdugo Ortiz goes in-depth on Team ICO's masterpiece and Bluepoint's worthy remaster and remake

By Ricardo Verdugo Ortiz

Deux Ex: The game you can't win

Why I Love: Bow to Blood developer Matthew Hoesterey says the immersive sim was everything he hoped for, but not what he expected

By Matthew Hoesterey

Unraveling Undertale

Why I Love: Just Add Water's Oliver William Walker examines the charm of a surprising, unusual, and thoughtful RPG

By Oliver William Walker

Gratitude for the Miracle Man

Why I Love: Pumped BMX developer Adam Hunt pays heartfelt homage to a magazine disc demo of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

By Adam Hunt

Persona 5 and the merger of style and substance

Why I Love: Marketer Michal Napora was sold by the Atlus RPG's flashy exterior, but hooked by its substantial heart

By Michal Napora

The sweet science of Armadillo Run

Why I Love: Hugecalf Studios' Andy Metcalfe explains how the 2008 indie effort got the ball rolling on his love of physics-based puzzlers

By Andy Metcalfe

The head games of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Why I Love: Jakub Kasztalski explains why Troika Games' undead immersive sim never gets old

By Jakub Kasztalski

How Odama tilted the playing field

Why I Love: Pig Eat Ball's Nathan Fouts reminisces about Yoot Saito's bizarre pinball-meets-RTS GameCube exclusive

By Nathan Fouts

Rez and the power of owning your own experience

Why I Love: Friend & Foe's Ivar Dahlberg examines the Tetsuya Mizuguchi classic and how it influences his own very different work

By Ivar Dahlberg

Old ways can still be the best ways

Why I Love: YoYo Games' Mike Dailly explains how tech from the 1988 Commodore 64 shooter Armalyte is still used today

By Mike Dailly

Striking the balance of autonomy and narrative

Why I Love: Auroch Digital's Nina Collins digs into the guided open-world of Sucker Punch's Infamous

By Nina Collins

Assassins Creed: An ancient world with a modern mood

Why I Love: KeokeN Interactive founder Koen Deetman shares how Ubisoft's open-world adventure captured his imagination

By Koen Deetman

Brevity is the soul of Minit

Why I Love: Size Five Games' Dan Marshall explains why the 60-second adventure game represents "streamlining at its best"

By Dan Marshall

Diddy Kong was my Dark Souls

Sumo Digital's Jamie Smith says Rare's N64 kart racer left the competition in the dust

By Jamie Smith

Appreciating annelid annihilation in Worms: Armageddon

Why I Love: Perfectly Paranormal's Ozan Drøsdal reminisces on Team17's classic, from its absurd aesthetic to its amenable online community

By Ozan Drøsdal

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