Anti-tobacco group takes games to task

Truth Initiative calls for tobacco use to trigger an automatic M rating from ESRB and for devs to stop featuring it in games kids play

By Brendan Sinclair

Activision to donate $5 Call of Duty in-game purchase to veterans

100% of company's cut from Infinite Warfare IAP will go to Call of Duty Endowment

FIFA 17 under fire in Russia following EA's support of LGBTQ campaign

Custom rainbow kits have been met with calls for a ban among Russian MPs citing 2013 "gay propaganda law"

By Matthew Handrahan

Games industry should do more for charity - Harris

Democracy 3 developer hoping "to shame some bigger companies" by donating 12 days of sales to War Child

By Brendan Sinclair

Video games Trump hate

Weekly Roundup: In the fallout of a shocking US election, the game industry can rise above and be more inclusionary

By James Brightman

"Making your games inclusive is complicated and fraught with frustration"

Beamdog creative director David Gaider on the importance, and pitfalls, of promoting diversity

By Dan Pearson

Oculus founder apologizes as devs suspend support

Update: CEO says employees are "free to support the issues...that matter to them", devs within Oculus' Launch Pad diversity initiative disagree

By James Brightman

Palmer Luckey is funding a pro-Trump "shitposting" group

Nimble America's anti-Clinton campaign is being secretly bankrolled by Oculus VR's founder

By Matthew Handrahan

TIGA issues ten-point report on preparing for Brexit

Government must make the "right policy decisions" in wake of referendum

By Dan Pearson

Twitch gets political

Will stream Republican and Democratic National Conventions

By Rachel Weber

A Global Platform Through a Western Lens

Miodrag Kovacevic on why patience is better than rage

By Miodrag Kovacevic

TIGA asks UK government to protect status of existing EU workers

Migrant workers fill vital gaps in country's skillset, says body

By Dan Pearson

TIGA calls for government to reassure UK games industry

Post-Brexit Britain will be a harder place to do business, warns body

By Dan Pearson

Ukie issues statement on Brexit

"Ukie is committed to ensuring the UK is the best place in the world to make and sell games"

By Dan Pearson

From the archives: Brexit to Desktop?

What the UK industry was saying about leaving the EU before it actually happened

By George Osborn

EA: Trump video "an unauthorized use of our IP"

Presidential candidate tweets fan-made, Mass Effect robbing video

By Rachel Weber

GamePolitics shutting down

Entertainment Consumers Association pulls the plug on specialist gaming site after 11 years

By Brendan Sinclair

Ukie and TIGA call for more investment ahead of UK Budget

Ukie is asking for 8 million in Lottery money to help British talent, TIGA wants a new fund to help connect devs to finance

By Matthew Handrahan

Disgraced politician Leland Yee gets five years in prison

"Haunted" former senator who crusaded against the games industry found guilty of corruption

By Matthew Handrahan

Push off Paxman

Why a bunch of game developers are working with a political commentary site

By Tomas Rawlings

237 games certified for Video Games Tax Relief in 2015

Total budget for UK/EEA games came to 730 million, according to BFI data

By Matthew Handrahan

Bethesda joins ESA

Fallout publisher signs up with trade group alongside Vantiv, Greybox, and Snail Games

By Brendan Sinclair

ESA names new gov't affairs directors

Trade group taps Nika Nour, Melissa Foxman, Kevin O'Hanlon to advocate for games industry with US federal officials

By Brendan Sinclair

80% of US gamers plan to vote in 2016 - Survey

ESA-funded look at gamers' political leanings find more identify as conservative than liberal

By Brendan Sinclair

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