Indies on Nintendo: “We've been treated like royalty”

Is the Switch a new home for indies? We speak with Nintendo and multiple developers about the platform's appeal

By James Brightman

Blade & Soul: Table Arena - NCsoft's VR MOBA takes shape

But project lead Chung Sangwoo urges caution on VR eSports for now

By Dan Pearson

Please stop making "bland and flavorless" games - Sheffield

Necrosoft Games director Brandon Sheffield offers advice to indies on unleashing their taste

By James Brightman

Standing ovation for Palestinian dev at #1ReasonToBe

Developers from around the world share tales of passion, ambition, self-discovery and suffering at GDC 2017

By James Batchelor

How to succeed in mobile VR

Oculus executive producer Rade Stojsavljevic offers advice to developers who want to enter the mobile VR ecosystem

By James Brightman

"Our player base was absolutely not ready for this"

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided developer Fleur Marty details the strengths and shortcomings of the microtransaction-driven game mode Breach

By Brendan Sinclair

Oculus drops Rift and Touch price by $200

Update: HTC doesn't "feel the need" to cut price of the Vive due to "incredible success" so far

By James Batchelor

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was prototyped in 2D

Nintendo returned to the original game as it prepared to radically change the series

By Christopher Dring

Unreal at GDC 2017: Star Wars, Andy Serkis, Borderlands 3 and Oculus price drop

CEO Tim Sweeney also praises “new renaissance” in PC games industry, new VR editor features available now

By James Batchelor

Breathing life into Seaman

Yoot Saito recalls swimming against the stream with his seminal Dreamcast aquarium life simulator

By Brendan Sinclair

"People don't leave companies. People leave their leads"

Iron Galaxy Studios has a few talent retention suggestions to keep promising young programmers happy

By Brendan Sinclair

Microsoft introduces the Xbox Live Creators program

Now anyone can publish Xbox Live-enabled games on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, no dev kit needed

By James Brightman

Xbox One, Project Scorpio to get mixed reality support in 2018

At GDC, Microsoft unveils its Windows Mixed Reality program and an Acer headset

By James Brightman

Four simple ways to get more influencers covering your game

Innervate consultant Becky Taylor offers GDC 2017 attendees helpful advice on how to attract YouTubers and streamers

By James Batchelor

Where to watch Unreal's 2017 GDC keynote

Developers can watch this year's presentation via Twitch, YouTube and Facebook

By James Batchelor

"You don't have to suffer to make great games"

Tanya Short of Kitfox Games explains how a developer's first priority is simply not to die

By James Brightman

Tips for writing better marginalized characters

Treachery in Beatdown City developer Shawn Alexander Allen offers advice for well-intentioned creators

By Brendan Sinclair

Rovio Games had its best year ever in 2016

Angry Birds firms discusses latest financial results at GDC 2017

By James Batchelor

Unity's GDC 2017 keynote: Access to China, Artist in Residence and Power Rangers

Engine firm gears up for next product cycle as version 5.6 paves the way Unity 2017

By James Batchelor

Ubisoft: Our VR games are not break-even and that's ok

Chris Early, VP of Digital, says Ubisoft's VR investment is about learning how to use the medium for the long-term

By James Brightman

Indies call for accessibility options from engine firms and platform holders

Devs suggest remappable controls, customisable gameplay speed and more would help broaden audience if made available by default

By James Batchelor

Where to watch Unity's GDC 2017 keynote livestream

Engine and services firm expected to discuss new support for virtual and augmented reality, plus new game reveals

By James Batchelor

Valve is adding SMI eye-tracking tech to OpenVR platform

Upgraded HTC Vive will be shown at GDC this week, Valve also working with LG on a brand new headset

By Matthew Handrahan

Pokémon Go downloads hit 650m

Growth is slowing but mobile phenomenon remains hugely popular

By Christopher Dring

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