G2A: "There's no place in a business like ours for shadiness or fraud"

Communications boss Maciej Kuc addresses the biggest complaints against the divisive marketplace

By James Batchelor

Charting the darker periods of history in Humankind

Amplitude's Jeff Spock on creating a historical strategy game that doesn't shy away from religion, slavery and colonisation

By James Batchelor

The former Witcher developers making a mobile game about travel and humanity

Different Tales explains how its debut title Wanderlust: Travel Stories falls "halfway between literature and gaming"

By James Batchelor

Yacht Club Games bids farewell to Shovel Knight

COO James Chan on how unexpected success led to an unexpected five year dev cycle, and the studio's Blizzard-esque approach to what comes next

By Matthew Handrahan

Pride Run developers: "We didn't expect so much resistance"

The IV Productions team discuss the challenges they've faced in making a game that celebrates LGBTQ+ culture

By James Batchelor

How PES wants to level the playing field

European brand manager Lennart Bobzien discusses the eFootball rebrand and renewed efforts to put Konami's football game on top

By James Batchelor

Why Ubisoft isn't abandoning its open worlds

CEO Yves Guillemot explains why the growing audience for games means the publisher's blockbuster model is sustainable

By James Batchelor

The (not) new Russian games store taking on Epic and Steam

My.Games on how a 70/30 split and lack of exclusives won't prevent it from making "the best platform ever"

By James Batchelor

Yves Guillemot on the thin line between politics and entertainment

Ubisoft CEO speaks about the difficulty of tackling sensitive real-world issues while running a multi-billion dollar entertainment firm

By James Batchelor

Mobile, PES and esports: The three pillars of Konami

We speak to European president Masami Saso about how the publisher's console legacy is driving its push into mobile and esports

By James Batchelor

Koch Media CEO: "We should welcome Epic and their business model"

Klemens Kundratitz says publisher is open to more exclusives with Epic Games Store despite backlash against Metro Exodus

By James Batchelor

Blending comedy with capitalism in The Outer Worlds

Obsidian's senior designer Brian Heins also discusses why tougher moral choices are more interesting

By James Batchelor

Gamescom: Opening Night Live attracts 500,000 viewers

Another record-breaking year for Gamescom is topped off by newfound digital engagement of 100 million video views

By Haydn Taylor

Restoring trust in Star Wars Battlefront II

Design director Dennis Brännvall reflects on the fallout from the loot box controversy, and how DICE has won back the community

By James Batchelor

Gears 5 "ahead of the industry" on monetising without loot boxes

Multiplayer design director Ryan Cleven says The Coalition has been working on "player-friendly" purchase systems since Gears of War 4

By James Batchelor

Remastering Yakuza for the modern world

Series producer Daisuke Sato discusses how and why the newly announced remasters have been changed in various ways

By James Batchelor

Sony, Ubisoft receive multiple honors in Gamescom Awards 2019

Dreams awarded best PS4 game, most original game during Gamescom Opening Night Live

By Rebekah Valentine

Cyberpunk 2077, more games coming to Google Stadia

Stadia Connect reveals more titles for Google's upcoming cloud streaming service

By Rebekah Valentine

Geoff Keighley wants Gamescom Opening Night Live to unite the industry

The event's producer and host on Gamescom's international ambitions, and filling a growing gap created by E3

By Rebekah Valentine

Hideo Kojima among "stars from the industry" to appear at Gamescom: Opening Night Live

Geoff Keighley-hosted event will feature announcements and premieres from Xbox, PlayStation, Activision, EA, more

By Matthew Handrahan

Gamescom's Indie Arena Booth is offering free space to devs through Utomik partnership

Small Booths and Arcades at the IAB will be available for free to "small indies"

Gamescom to debut Geoff Keighley fronted live show

Opening Night Live will offer publishers a new platform to make announcements and premiere gameplay footage

By Matthew Handrahan

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