No More Robots: "I'm just doing D&D, but in a Discord server"

Mike Rose on the marketing tactics that drove the small publisher to $3m revenue, and why Xbox Game Pass is good for sales (for now)

By Matthew Handrahan

UKIE's Jo Twist is right: the words we use matter | Opinion

If we casually use terms like "addictive" it robs us of the ability to have a proper discussion when games do cross a line

By Rob Fahey

Four questions to help improve your narrative design

Narrative designer Chris Batemen takes Develop:Brighton attendees through the many avenues for plot, agency and theme in video games

By James Batchelor

Jo Twist: Games industry needs to "step up" to fight cultural bias

UKIE CEO warns critics and publishers to be careful with their language, says games are "an easy target because we're new"

By Haydn Taylor

Jason Kingsley: Epic is "paying through the nose" to build its store

Rebellion founders discuss change of heart on Epic Store exclusivity

By Haydn Taylor

The industry is still "developing games in a bubble"

FlavourWorks' Jack Attridge says Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer videos are proof of how inaccessible games have become

By James Batchelor

Media Molecule: LittleBigPlanet would have really benefited from Early Access

At Develop:Brighton, the UK studio's co-founders considered the impact open development could have made on its previous games

By Matthew Handrahan

Google Stadia has received 4,000 applications from developers

Google's Develop:Brighton talk showed huge interest from studios in Stadia Partners

By Matthew Handrahan

"Just because discrimination is illegal, doesn't mean it doesn't happen"

Writer, producer, and campaigner Felicia Prehn on building accessible games and inclusive teams

By Haydn Taylor

David Braben: Now is the best time to make your game

Frontier Developments founder reflects on his three decades in development and the long journey to self-publishing

By James Batchelor

Hello Games: Positive No Man's Sky stories "don't do as well -- and that's a problem"

At Develop:Brighton, Sean Murray discussed his decision to stop talking to the press after the launch of No Man's Sky

By Matthew Handrahan

Hi-Rez Studios expands in the UK with Red Beard Games

New Brighton-based studio is first of three the Smite developer is planning to open, says European GM Veronique Lallier

By Matthew Handrahan

Five sessions to watch at Develop:Brighton 2019

Hello Games, Media Molecule and Frontier Developments provide the highlights of this year's conference

By Matthew Handrahan

Weather Factory on the advantages of being "weird and divisive"

Co-founder Lottie Bevan talks about scrapping the studio's plans based on a single tweet, and how open development keeps experimental games on track

By Haydn Taylor

Sean Murray on No Man's Sky: "I thought we were making a niche game"

Hello Games' founder on the difficulties of transforming a live game, and pushing past a divisive launch

By James Batchelor to host David Braben keynote at Develop:Brighton 2019

Frontier Developments CEO will discuss the studio's 25-year history with our own Chris Dring

By James Batchelor

Sean Murray to keynote Develop:Brighton 2019

Hello Games founder will reflect on developing No Man's Sky and discuss the future of the studio

By James Batchelor

Rebellion founders to keynote Develop:Brighton 2019

Jason and Chris Kingsley will discuss the studio's history, smash hits like Sniper Elite and their ventures into comics and film

By James Batchelor

BioWare, Riot Games and Ubisoft headline initial speaker line-up for Develop:Brighton

Game Workers Unite and Women In Games will host industry roundtables during July conference

By James Batchelor

Develop:Brighton 2019 opens call for speakers

Applicants have until February 13, 2019 to submit their talk for July conference

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