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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously senior news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US.

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Microsoft annual gaming revenue tops $10 billion

Xbox maker's full-year results show year-over-year growth in sales, Xbox Live active users

By Brendan Sinclair

Bethesda unlikely to use external developers in future

Todd Howard says despite Obsidian's success on Fallout: New Vegas, the company is now large enough to handle such work internally

By Brendan Sinclair

Taking stock after five years of ID@Xbox

Chris Charla talks about the program's biggest successes, pain points, and the conventional wisdom on when to announce and release independent games

By Brendan Sinclair

The Crew 2 activity "in line" with The Crew 1

Ubisoft sees open-world racing sequel following in the tracks of its predecessor, hoping continued support leads to continuous sales over coming years

By Brendan Sinclair

Octi raises $7.5 million in seed funding

AR startup's app can discern human movement in videos, outline people and add effects

By Brendan Sinclair

id Software: Avoiding cannibalization in the post-apocalypse

Tim Willits on the role of Fallout 76 in Rage 2's pre-E3 reveal, and why id no longer uses its tech to sell its games

By Brendan Sinclair

ArenaNet sends all the wrong messages

Guild Wars 2 studio terminating employees after backlash discourages fan interaction, encourages player outrage

By Brendan Sinclair

The negativity of Keita Takahashi

The developer behind Wattam and Katamari Damacy has spent his career trying to show the potential of games, but doesn't think he's been successful

By Brendan Sinclair

When's the right time to start building hype?

10 Years Ago This Month: Assassin's Creed was a massive success for Ubisoft, but it caused the publisher to re-think its marketing schedule

By Brendan Sinclair

Making the most of voice talent

Voice actors talk about the challenges of working in games and share tips for getting the best possible performances out of them

By Brendan Sinclair

Halo TV series gets green light at Showtime

Cable network orders 10 episodes for series; Mind Games creator Kyle Killen named showrunner

By Brendan Sinclair

Niantic acquires Matrix Mill

Pokemon Go creator picks up computer vision start-up building neural networks to infer 3D models of surroundings from cameras

By Brendan Sinclair

Shuntaro Furukawa officially takes over as Nintendo president

Updating of "Message from the President" on investor relations site signals retirement of Tatsumi Kimishima

Amy Hennig confirms EA departure

Former creative director of Visceral Games started her own studio after parting ways with publisher in January

By Brendan Sinclair

Sony changes tone on PS4 cross-play with Xbox One, Switch

Shawn Layden says company is hearing the backlash, looking at possibilities and "confident we'll get to a solution" to make everyone happy

By Brendan Sinclair

Worldwide esports to hit $2.17 billion by 2023 - Report

Research and Markets projects competitive gaming revenues to grow at 18% CAGR over next five years

By Brendan Sinclair

Fortnite growth slows in May as Pokemon Go makes comeback

Superdata's monthly digital games market report finds worldwide spending up 25% year-over-year to $9.1 billion thanks largely to mobile growth

By Brendan Sinclair

Guillemot explains Ubisoft's apolitical political games

CEO of publisher behind Far Cry 5 and The Division 2 says the games are impartial "to make people think"

By Brendan Sinclair

"People make the mistake of saying, 'This is what you really want'"

EA chief design officer Patrick Söderlund talks about bringing back Command & Conquer as a mobile game and what the publisher really gets out of EA Originals

By Brendan Sinclair

Bethesda sues over Westworld mobile game

Publisher alleges that Fallout Shelter developer Behaviour Interactive re-used copyrighted code when it created "blatant rip-off" for Warner Bros.

By Brendan Sinclair

For EA and loot boxes, "Fair is the number one thing"

Chief design officer Patrick Söderlund discusses EA's current thinking around monetization and its future ambitions for streaming

By Brendan Sinclair

DLC: The VR cooldown

Tommy Palm talks about fading hype, Take-Two dismisses idea of cutting features to meet release dates, and more in the lead-off of our new odds-and-ends column

By Brendan Sinclair

Sony launches PlayStation Hits line for PS4

Bargain line launches in US and Canada later this month with more than a dozen older titles at $20 price point

Valve continues work on rejected iOS Steam Link app

After initial rejection by Apple, TestFlight version of Steam companion app updates to curb ability to purchase new games

By Brendan Sinclair

WHO makes 'gaming disorder' diagnosis official

Final version of World Health Organization's 11th International Compendium of Diseases includes gaming addiction for the first time

By Brendan Sinclair

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