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Chris Morris has covered the video game industry since 1996, offering analysis of news and trends and breaking several major stories. He was the author of CNNMoney’s 'Game Over' and has also written for Yahoo!, Variety,, and other publications.

Recent articles by Chris Morris

Sony Interview: Jack Tretton Defends Vita, Dedicated Consoles

The SCEA boss remains optimistic about consoles, says social and free-to-play are just "an additive diversion"

By Chris Morris

Ouya: Panacea For Console Biz or The Next Phantom?

Veteran journalist Chris Morris tackles the major reasons why Ouya could be a revolution or a mere footnote

By Chris Morris

Wii U: Dissecting Nintendo's Biggest Quotes

Veteran journalist Chris Morris examines some key statements from Nintendo's execs

By Chris Morris

Xbox 360 at $99: How It Could Change The Industry, Or Fail Miserably

Veteran journalist Chris Morris takes a hard look at Microsoft subsidizing its Xbox

By Chris Morris

PlayStation Orbis and Next Xbox: Why Used Games Aren't Going Away

Veteran journalist Chris Morris tackles six reasons why the next-gen systems won't kill used gaming

By Chris Morris

Next Xbox No-Show: Why Microsoft's Keeping Durango Under Wraps

Veteran journalist Chris Morris explains what a no-show for the next Xbox at E3 means

By Chris Morris

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