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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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#1ReasonToBe: "Listen to the people you do not hear, because they're not allowed to speak"

Rami Ismail's GDC panel explored development in Madagascar, the Philippines, Colombia and beyond

By Matthew Handrahan

Riot's recipe for "sportsmanship" in League of Legends

At GDC, Kimberly Voll detailed how Riot Games successfully revamped LoL's ineffective Honor system

By Matthew Handrahan

Epic Games shows off lifelike "digital humans" with Star Wars and Andy Serkis demos

At GDC today, the Unreal Engine creator demonstrated how real-time raytracing will help games finally cross the uncanny valley

By Matthew Handrahan

Epic: The barrier between Xbox and PlayStation "will inevitably come down"

Tim Sweeney on the emergence of "real games for gamers" on mobile, and the role of cross-platform play for the future of the games business

By Matthew Handrahan

CD Projekt Red opens new studio in Wroclaw

18-person indie studio Strange New Things will form the core of CDPR Wroclaw

Vivendi sells its entire stake in Ubisoft

The Guillemot family regains control of the publisher, with Tencent taking a 5 per cent stake

By Matthew Handrahan

Re:Legend - the story behind Southeast Asia's biggest ever Kickstarter

Brothers DC and Welson Gan abandoned mobile to chase their "dream game", and now they're poised to become SE Asia's biggest indie success story

By Matthew Handrahan

President Trump blocks $117 billion Qualcomm takeover

Singaporean rival Broadcom prevented from buying US chip firm over "national security" concerns

By Matthew Handrahan

Alibaba to focus on non-violent games for Olympic esports bid

First-party publishers of violent games will be "suspected of only pushing your games for your own benefit”

By Matthew Handrahan

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 sells 500,000 units in four days

Fatshark's sequel reaches the first game's six-month milestone in less than a week

By Matthew Handrahan

War Child's Armistice raised $260,000

Developers supporting the charity event more than doubled last year's total

By Matthew Handrahan

Fully restored GameFront relaunches

Modding hub is back online after two years, with completely restored content and new features

By Matthew Handrahan

Gfinity signs Facebook exclusivity deal

Elite Series esports events to will be broadcast digitally on the social network throughout 2018

Fortnite's cross-platform play will not work between Xbox and PlayStation

Sony appears to be the holdout again as Epic's multiplayer hit adds cross-play between PC, Mac, console and new mobile versions

By Matthew Handrahan

Sony delays Days Gone to 2019

Sony Bend's game was announced in 2016, and was expected to launch this year

Jason Rohrer's "off-Steam" gamble paid off

The indie designer released his new game outside of Valve's platform, and it eclipsed sales of his last Steam release in one week

By Matthew Handrahan

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile

Epic's breakout hit will be releases for both iOS and Android, will support cross-play with PS4 and PC

DoubleJump Games acquires Tiny Mob

Victoria-based developers join forces, DoubleJump hints at more acquisitions to come

By Matthew Handrahan

Super Seducer blocked from release on PlayStation 4

The BBC has claimed that Sony "banned" the controversial seduction game

By Matthew Handrahan

Catalis Group to expand into Asia with £2.96m funding package

Curve and Testronic parent company will use HSBC money to grow in 2018

By Matthew Handrahan

Dota 2 card game "the first of several games" coming from Valve

Gabe Newell's company now has "ability to develop hardware and software simultaneously"

By Matthew Handrahan

HQ Trivia raises $15 million in funding

Growing trivia game platform offers real-money prizes, is now worth $100 million

By Matthew Handrahan

Jagex GameBlast18 raised £100,000 for SpecialEffect

24-hour charity event was watched by 340,000 unique viewers

ZeniMax, Take Two CEOs to meet with President Trump - report

White House sources have confirmed two attendees of today's meeting on gun violence

By Matthew Handrahan

Streamline Studios: "In five to ten years you will need to be in SE Asia"

CEO Alex Fernandez on the co-development firm's resurgence since relocating to Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia's emergence as the focal point for SE Asia

By Matthew Handrahan

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