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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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Oculus: "We don't want exclusivity. We want VR to thrive"

At Reboot Develop, Oculus' Matt Conte urged developers to make the most of a small market by shipping on every VR platform possible

By Matthew Handrahan

Google Play Instant is now open to all everyone

Download free games initiative adds Candy Crush to its roster as it leaves beta

Starbreeze doubled revenue in Q1 on Dead by Daylight sale

The Swedish company narrowed its losses, invested $7.7m in Mohawk Games' 10 Crowns

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo partners with Random House on book series

Kids books based on Mario, Zelda and Splatoon are on the way, with two already on the market

Conan Exiles reaches one million sales

Funcom confirms that the milestone includes Early Access and pre-orders of the full release

Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Funomena complete Nordic Game Conference line-up

Swedish developer conference has finalised its schedule with talks from Siobhan Reddy, Angie Smets and Robin Hunicke

By Matthew Handrahan

Supercell: Meet the industry's "least powerful CEO"

Ilkka Paananen on the value of leaving power in the hands of developers, and Supercell's ambition to create a "truly global" mobile hit

By Matthew Handrahan

Reboot Develop confirms dates for 2019

Dubrovnik-based conference will take place from April 11 to 13, with Canadian and student-focused events also planned

By Matthew Handrahan

Google confirms new social gaming startup

Arcade is an "experiment" that will reportedly release its first game this summer

By Matthew Handrahan

Oculus Go standalone headset launches at $199

Oculus VR promises "the best optics of any VR system we've built" from new standalone hardware

By Matthew Handrahan

An era of "triple-I" development is almost here

Ninja Theory, Frostkeep Studios and Private Division discuss a coming wave of games that combine indie creativity with triple-A production values

By Matthew Handrahan

Xbox Live Rewards will transition to Microsoft Rewards in June

Xbox owners will be rewarded for Bing searches and shopping at Microsoft retail stores

Tencent to publish Freejam's Robocraft in China

Deal announced one week after UK studio pledged to remove all loot boxes from the game

By Matthew Handrahan

UC Berkeley introduces League of Legends scholarships

University of California follows establishment of "esports community center" with new Riot Games partnership

Arma 3 reaches 4 million registered players

Free weekends aside, the majority of players of Bohemia Interactive's tactical shooter came from sales

PlayStation 4 sales pass 75m in another strong year for Sony

Software sales and PS Plus subs were both up, but Sony is preparing for hardware decline in the coming year

By Matthew Handrahan

Third-party sales boosted Microsoft Gaming revenue in Q3

Gaming revenue was up 18%, Xbox Live users up 13% to 59 million

By Matthew Handrahan

"If anybody is going to pick a fight with Steam or create an alternative, the time is now"

At Reboot Develop, Rami Ismail and Robin Hunicke argued that existing digital platforms are not doing enough to represent the diversity and artistry of developers

By Matthew Handrahan

PC Building Simulator sells 100,000 copies in a month

The Irregular Corporation's latest release had a strong opening month in Early Access

By Matthew Handrahan

Roblox signs book publishing deal with Harper Collins

The first three books based on the popular online platform will be released in Fall 2018

WarpPortal blocks access to game catalogue in Europe

Ragnarok Online and more will be restricted from May 25 - the date that GDPR takes effect

By Matthew Handrahan

Snapchat launches "Snappables" series of AR games

Snap Inc commits to releasing new mini-games on a weekly basis

By Matthew Handrahan

Wolfenstein II has five nominations at the Nordic Game Awards 2018

But Ultra Ultra's Echo leads the pack with six, Tarsier Studios' Little Nightmares and Image & Form's SteamWorld Dig 2 close behind

By Matthew Handrahan

Kartridge offers developers 100% of revenue up to $10,000

Exclusive games will also get 90% up to $40k, in new terms aimed at "smaller developers"

By Matthew Handrahan

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