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Rebekah arrived at GamesIndustry in 2018 after four years of freelance writing and editing across multiple gaming and tech sites. When she's not recreating video game foods in a real life kitchen, she's happily imagining herself as an Animal Crossing character.

Recent articles by Rebekah Valentine

Bethesda welcomes new European marketing and PR director

Sean Ratcliffe joins the London office after years of PR leadership at Rovio, Konami, and others

By Rebekah Valentine

Fallout 76 avoids Steam release

UPDATE: Pete Hines confirms Bethesda still considering Steam for future releases

By Rebekah Valentine

Turtle Beach credits Fornite, PUBG with earnings jump

218% year-over-year increase in net revenue reflects battle royale-driven jump in headset attach rates, says CEO

By Rebekah Valentine

Over 1.5 million have played Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream's most recent narrative adventure originally reached 1 million in unit sales two weeks after launch

Unity survey shows over half of indie studios working in mobile, 40% in VR or AR

Top-ranking studios by revenue and DAU showed a preference for mobile and freemium models

By Rebekah Valentine

Apple becomes first US public company worth $1 trillion

Q3 earnings report bolsters stock to record amount, maintained to market close

By Rebekah Valentine

Kakao continues investing in mobile developer Neptune

Korean publisher's third investment worth $16.9 million intended to promote esports growth

By Rebekah Valentine

Update: EA made "unfortunate mistake" removing Colin Kaepernick's name from Madden 19 song

Company issues official statement on omission after it was discovered in early copies

By Rebekah Valentine

Apple ends App Store Affiliate program, citing improved discovery

iOS-focused sites to lose app revenue after September, other content types untouched

By Rebekah Valentine

Harmonix and NCSoft partner to develop multiplatform title

Rock Band and Lineage developers working on PC, console game still in early stages

By Rebekah Valentine

Activision Blizzard exceeds second quarter outlook despite headwinds

Call of Duty season, record Hearthstone pre-purchases drove $1.64 billion in net revenue

By Rebekah Valentine

Gamefly ends video game streaming service

Disc-based rentals will continue after streaming service shuts down at the end of August

By Rebekah Valentine

Frostkeep Studios is serious about making "the game that players want" with Rend

CEO Jeremy Wood on bringing MMO design, Blizzard philosophy, and community focus to the survival genre

By Rebekah Valentine

Daily Mirror paid interview subject of Fortnite hit piece

"Fortnite made me a suicidal drug addict" author offered 300 for case study

By Rebekah Valentine

Fire Emblem Heroes earns $400 million globally

Mobile game nearly ten time more profitable than Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

By Rebekah Valentine

Nintendo stock increase trips up hedge fund's $400 million bet

Melvin Capital's months-long short position in Switch maker suffers setback, may still prove profitable

By Rebekah Valentine

Nintendo barely improves conflict minerals sourcing over two years

One-fourth of company's smelters and refiners aren't following protocols to prevent human rights abuses

By Rebekah Valentine

Animal Crossing: New Leaf becomes best-selling title in the franchise

Sales finally surpass those of Wild World at nearly 12 million units

By Rebekah Valentine

Steam active users on unusual decline throughout 2018

Steep decrease after January surge may reflect popularity of PUBG, then Fortnite

By Rebekah Valentine

Valve adds pop-ups to Community Market warning of potential scams

Dialogue boxes warn users if they attempt to purchase items for a game they don't own, or a new release

By Rebekah Valentine

New York shows Spectrum ISP the door, in part for throttling League of Legends

State public service commission revokes approval of Charter, Time Warner merger due to "various instances of misconduct"

By Rebekah Valentine

EA launches Origin Access Premier

Subscription tier offers full access to new, recent releases for monthly or yearly fee

Area 35, ex-employee settle defamation suit

Tariq Lacy retracts embezzlement accusations against studio CEO Hiroaki Yura

By Rebekah Valentine

Vainglory has made $50 million in revenue since launch

Majority of game's revenue came through iOS, and US market accounted for $16 million

By Rebekah Valentine

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