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Christopher Dring has spent a decade in the games industry, initially in development, before joining GamesIndustry in 2016. He led UK games business publication MCV for five years, and has contributed to Develop, eSports Pro, BBC, The Observer and Sky News. He also really likes playing Nintendo games, but don't hold that against him.

Recent articles by Christopher Dring

What will be the biggest video games of Christmas 2019?

In the absence of Battlefield and Assassin's Creed, there's a big opportunity for alternative franchises to break through this Q4

By Christopher Dring

Loots details new live streaming platform for the "TikTok generation"

Monetisation firm says its Twitch rival will open up new commercial opportunities for younger streamers

By Christopher Dring

Ninja departure is "unlikely to diminish" Twitch

But it marks a "turning point" for Mixer, says analyst

By Christopher Dring

Patrice Désilets: "We spoke with 45 investors before someone said yes"

Panache Digital's co-founder on staying small, attracting investment, and the destruction of the planet

By Christopher Dring

Five more investors join the PAX Investment Summit

Giant Games, QAG, Leia Inc, Super and 11bit are the next companies to join us in Seattle

By Christopher Dring

Techland: “It's still not a corporate studio. We still get crazy sometimes”

The Dying Light 2 developer on the rise of the Polish industry, and growing from 200 staff to 300 in just a few years

By Christopher Dring

Ubisoft: "Nobody has dared do anything with a granny before"

EMEA Director Alain Corre on Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy, and the dream of creating a game with one billion players

By Christopher Dring

A record year for Letter from the Publisher

New events, new website sections and new initiatives for 2019 and 2020

By Christopher Dring

Five more investors join PAX Investment Summit in Seattle

Fellow Traveller, Kowloon Nights, Snail Games, Jagex and Sold Out join the roster

By Christopher Dring

GameStop: "As new subscription services evolve, we'll evolve along with them"

US retail giant talks about surviving the digital transition by turning stores into experiences

By Christopher Dring

Bethesda: "We are bringing some people to Nintendo Switch"

Pete Hines discusses building new IP, the potential of streaming, and its recent love for Nintendo

By Christopher Dring Investment Summit returns to EGX on October 17th

London Venture Partners, Jagex, Team17, Xsolla, Frontier and Green Man Gaming already signed up for London event

By Christopher Dring

Valve to speak at US Investment Summit

Meanwhile, Team17, Nicalis and Versus Evil join investor roster

By Christopher Dring

EA: "I struggle with the perception that we're just a bunch of bad guys"

Behind the big blockbusters, EA is offering very friendly deals for indie developers -- EVP Matt Bilbey tells us why

By Christopher Dring

Remedy obtains publishing rights to Alan Wake

Update: Remedy talks up possibility of multiplatform release for the cult Xbox 360 favourite

By Christopher Dring

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