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Christopher Dring has spent a decade in the games industry, initially in development, before joining GamesIndustry in 2016. He led UK games business publication MCV for five years, and has contributed to Develop, eSports Pro, BBC, The Observer and Sky News. He also really likes playing Nintendo games, but don't hold that against him.

Recent articles by Christopher Dring

How gamers really feel about loot boxes

Latest GameTrack data reveals that most players are indifferent to loot box mechanics

By Christopher Dring

Pokémon Quest downloads pass 7.5 million

Free-to-play mobile and Switch game gets off to a strong start

By Christopher Dring Summer Party to open early for England game

New start time of 18:30 so that attendees can watch the World Cup semi-final

Humble Bundle, Fig and Miniclip added to Investment Summit

Big names join Nintendo, Sony, EA, Take-Two, Team17, Makers Fund, UK Games Fund, Thunderful and more

By Christopher Dring

Thunderful acquires UK and US publisher Rising Star Games

Indie publishing veteran Ed Valiente to lead the company

By Christopher Dring

Crash Bandicoot remake overtakes The Crew 2 to score eighth UK No.1

Xbox One version of platformer very narrowly outsells Switch edition

By Christopher Dring

Frontier: “We want to become a third-party publisher”

CEO David Braben and CCO Jonny Watts on publishing, Tencent and the return of the British games industry

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo names Koji Miyake as new European CEO

18-year Nintendo of Europe head Satoru Shibata returns to Japan

By Christopher Dring

Xbox and Nintendo gang up on PlayStation in cross-platform row

Could console momentum switch because of an issue most gamers don't really care about?

By Christopher Dring

Overwatch hacker jailed by South Korean court

28-year-old man made $180,000 from illegal programme

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo adds Mario Kart functionality to boost Labo sales

Platform holder also seeks 'greatest Labo creations' as part of summer campaign

By Christopher Dring

GameStop in buyout talks, reports Reuters

UPDATE: Retailer confirms 'exploratory discussions' are underway

By Christopher Dring

PlayStation 4 sale transforms EMEA games charts

Vampyr debuts at No.2 as FIFA 18 holds top spot

By Christopher Dring

Is Nintendo Switch in trouble?

After a slight E3 showcase, investors and analysts are concerned over Switch sales. But are they right?

By Christopher Dring

Retailer Xbite concerned by “adverse effect” of indie closures

Online store issues statement following multiple retail closures

By Christopher Dring

Pokémon's new evolution was inevitable

With two generations of fans, The Pokémon Company has made some big changes

By Christopher Dring

UK indie chain Games Centre enters liquidation

Another games retailer disappears from the High Street

By Christopher Dring

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