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The Podcast: Platform Holders and the Pandemic

Latest episode discusses The Last of Us delay, Xbox's next-gen launch plans, and Nintendo's rumoured Mario collection

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: Live from Rezzed Digital

Anyone who missed our AMA-style session last week can now listen through in podcast form

By GamesIndustry Staff

Jobs roundup: Keith Warner appointed CEO of New World Interactive

Meanwhile, Sumo appoints new digital studio director and Excel Esports brings on new marketing director

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: Next-Gen Spec Wars

Why everyone loves the flops, plus GameStop vs coronavirus

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: The Year Without E3

Latest episode also discusses crunch at Naughty Dog on The Last of Us: Part II, and the backlash to Horizon Zero Dawn PC

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: Could coronavirus change the way we work?

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses the 20th anniversary and greatest hits of PlayStation 2

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: The real impact of cancelling GDC

Latest episode also discusses how the industry protects its players, and GameStop's experimental concept stores

By GamesIndustry Staff

Panic Art Studios CEO posts racist remarks on Twitter

Elias Viglione describes outburst as "moment of temporary insanity"

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: How will coronavirus affect the games industry?

Latest episode also discusses Kickstarter's journey from union-busting to unionisation

By GamesIndustry Staff

Jobs Roundup: Gio Corsi's new role is with Predator: Hunting Grounds studio IllFonic

Several other companies get new C-level appointments including 22cans, Draw & Code, King, and Pole to Win

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: The curious case of Tim Sweeney's keynote

What was the Epic CEO trying to say at DICE, how significant is Geoff Keighley's departure from E3, and which IP should Disney adapt next?

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: Why Xbox is targeting Amazon and Google

Plus, the departures of Dan Houser and Rod Fergusson, and Cliff Bleszinski's LawBreakers regrets

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: Do numbers matter?

This week it's a heady mix of financial reports and breaking down what went wrong with Warcraft 3: Reforged

By GamesIndustry Staff

Five things to see and do at Esports BAR

The event returns to Cannes for its seventh show

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: The (Doom) Eternal cycle of crunch

Latest episode also discusses allegations against Riot in class-action lawsuit, Paradox's subscription experiment, and tossing coins to Witchers

By GamesIndustry Staff

How to market your video game and find your target audience

Versus Evil, Raw Fury, Headup Games, Good Shepherd and Dan Adelman offer advice to developers on how to market their game

By GamesIndustry Staff to host non-violent games panel at EGX Rezzed

Ustwo Games, Aardman, Nyamyam and Quantum Soup will discuss making killer games that don't involve killing

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: Does E3 need PlayStation?

In this special episode, we share our thoughts on the potential fallout of Sony's decision to skip the year's biggest games showcase

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Podcast: Do we need a Switch Pro in 2020?

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses the 'difficulty' of animating women and Pokémon's DLC plans

By GamesIndustry Staff

Developer Terry Cavanagh releases VVVVVV source code

Creator makes code for both desktop and mobile versions available for free on game's tenth anniversary

Jobs Roundup: Emily Short takes over as creative director at Failbetter Games

Meanwhile, there's a new head of production at MAG Interactive and a new managing director at Flavourworks

By GamesIndustry Staff

Steam soundtracks now sold separately

Users no longer need to purchase and install base game to buy music, multiple quality versions offered

The Podcast: What do we want to see in 2020?

Join us for a speculative look at the year ahead in our latest episode, available to download now

By GamesIndustry Staff

Games of the Year 2019

Our favourite games of the year ranged from epic adventures to innovative indie games - plus a couple of Switch hits

By GamesIndustry Staff

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