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X05 event touted for Amsterdam

Microsoft's X05 event, the oft annual platform for displaying its forthcoming game titles and hardware, is set to be held in Amsterdam this year, according to an investment note from market analyst PJ McNealy.

By Corey Brotherson

Gizmondo extends UK high street reach

Gizmondo Europe has signed a deal to increase the number of stores stocking its multi-media handheld in UK high streets, with Argos, Comet and HMV now supplying the machine.

By Corey Brotherson

Sony reducing claims against PSP importers?

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has halved the damages it is claiming from some retailers following the dispute over the importing of its PlayStation Portable handheld, according to UK trade paper MCV.

By Corey Brotherson

Gizmondo delays US launch - but angrily denies reports of problems

After a number of reports emerged this week stressing concern over Gizmondo's imminent launch in the U.S, the company handling the handheld machine's affairs has responded with a dismissal of the rumours and news of a delayed launch.

By Corey Brotherson

George Lucas calls for better game AI

Star Wars creator George Lucas held a keynote speech earlier this week at annual computer graphics and interactive entertainment expo, SIGGRAPH, expressing his desire for improved artificial intelligence in games.

By Corey Brotherson

Ridge Racer 6 lined up for Xbox 360 launch?

Ridge Racer 6 may be a surprise launch title for Microsoft's Xbox 360, according to Namco's updated U.S release calendar - which slots the game in for an autumn 2005 date.

By Corey Brotherson

PlayStation 3 Blu-ray drive may run faster than expected

Sony's PlayStation 3 may be equipped with faster than expected Blu-ray drives at launch, as it has emerged that a speedier format will be available before the next generation machine is ready for retail.

By Corey Brotherson

More PlayStation 3 "secrets" revealed

Future Publishing U.S. magazine, PSM has revealed a number of anonymously sourced details about Sony's PlayStation 3 in its September issue, including information about its specifications and storage capabilities.

By Corey Brotherson

Recent Revolution "leaks" prove to be fake

A number of recent stories released on the internet purporting to show images of Nintendo's forthcoming next generation console, dubbed 'Revolution', and its tech demos have been uncovered as fakes.

By Corey Brotherson

Square Enix Party unveils fresh information on key titles.

Significant Square Enix titles, Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts II, were given Japanese launch dates at the company's major publicity event over the weekend, the Square Enix Party.

By Corey Brotherson

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