Zoe Mode cuts handful of Brighton roles

Kuju studio realigns staffing numbers as projects end

Developer Zoe Mode has cut a handful of jobs in its Brighton office, understands - although only in the course of the natural end of some projects.

The studio remains a priority for parent company Zoe Mode, whose CEO Nigel Robbins has moved quickly to allay fears of anything more significant.

"It is true that we are realigning some of the team at Zoe Mode in Brighton and this is due to the ebb and flow of projects across the calendar year," he told today.

"However, Zoe Mode continues to be one of our most successful (and largest) studios and there is certainly an exciting future ahead for Ed Daly and his team based on the large number of projects in development, both in Europe and the US."

Robbins, who took over from Kuju founder Ian Baverstock last month previously told that he felt the existing studio line-up was strong, and if anything the company would look to expand - either by acquisition or organic growth.

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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard12 years ago
This is exactly the sort of thing that I'd like to see changes to if the government tax breaks ever come in... I don't know the specifics of the "realignment" at Zoe Mode but it's far too common in the industry for companies to reduce in size one month when a project ends then increase again the next when a new project is signed... some companies seem to do this regularly. It's never happened to me, thank god, nor did Pitbull do that during its 11 years of life, but I've heard about it happening so many times...

If companies are given tax breaks, I believe that they should sign up for certain employee "quality of life" agreements at the same time. These should be part of the criteria for the breaks being given.
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