PSPgo version on the way from Root9 Medialab, along with Red Bull X-Fighters from Xendex.

The Sony PSP Go has been out for a couple of weeks already. Its goal is nothing less than to revolutionize the video game market. Amongst other novelties all games for the PSP Go are only offered online for download.

As of now the previous choice of mini games will be complemented by the popular game classic YETISPORTS and the exciting freestyle motocross title "Red Bull X-Fighters". The Yetisports series has been developed by Root9 Medialab. Red Bull X-Fighters is a production of Xendex. The two Austrian game companies have brought numerous successful online and mobile games to the international market.

YETISPORTS for PSP Go: After been kicked around for years, the Penguin finally gets to fly! The control keys are used to maneuver Pengu through 25 stages, collect bonus items and chase the daily and global records! Also on board is the classic mode where the only goal is to glide further than any Penguin has done before. But be aware: Yetisports is addictive! After 5 years, the web-version is still played by 100.000 gamers on any given day. 2,99 Euro.

Red Bull X-FIGHTERS for PSP Go: Freestyle motocross is one of the most extreme motorsports. Head-to-head battles, breathtaking tricks and double backflips in 40ft height good bye gravity! With Red Bull X-Fighters PSP Go, gamers around the world can now experience the excitement of freestyle motocross in the palm of their hands. Take to your bike, launch from the ramp and go! The equipment, that is motorbikes and outfit , varies according to achievements. The best stunts can be enjoyed over and over in high quality video replays. The world tour champion wows the crowd! 3,99 Euro

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