Yaris studio Castaway suspends operations

Third US developer in a week to close doors due to cancelled projects

US developer Castaway Entertainment has suspended operations following the collapse of a number of development projects.

According to a report on GameSpot, two projects have been cancelled due to publishers pulling out of negotiations with the developer, which recently released free-to-play title Yaris for Xbox Live Arcade.

The studio has stopped development activity and axed its workforce from 25 to the six most senior members of staff.

The company was founded in 2003 by a number of ex-Blizzard North developers.

"It would have to be soon, but if anyone wanted to come in an save us, we'd give the whole kitchen sink to them on the extremely cheap," said president Michael Scandizzo.

"Otherwise after almost 10 years of this group working together, we're going to have to dissolve."

The news follows the closure of Full Auto developer Pseudo Interactive and the collapse of Neverwinter Nights studio Stormfront.

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