Xbox 360 DLC revenue hits $240m

$180m earned this year and, on average, games with downloadable content pull in $21m more at retail

Downloadable content on the Xbox 360 has brought in USD 240 million, according to Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business manager Kevin Salcedo, who also revealed that games with extra downloadable content see a 16 per cent increase in their life span.

Talking at the company's Gamefest event, Salcedo reported that USD 180 million of the total was made in the last 12 months alone and that, on average, games with paid downloadable content sell USD 21 million more at retail - so long as the content becomes available in what he refers to as the "sweet spot" of the first 30 days, reports Gamasutra.

"Right now we have over 12 million users in over 26 countries, with USD 240 million in transactions revenue so far, with USD 180 million in the last 12 months alone," Salcedo said.

"On average, titles that have downloadable content on XBL marketplace have seen a 16 per cent [longer] period of people holding onto that title, which keeps them from selling to second-hand stores."

Second-hand stores selling pre-owned games have recently been under fire from Frontier Development's David Braben, who called for the industry to act against the practice.

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Dan Taylor Manager, fatfoogoo13 years ago
Interesting number regarding players holding onto a title 16% longer than those that are not using microtransactions. As developers continue to realize the value and opportunity in micro transactions, numbers like this only strengthen the case.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Dan Taylor on 13th August 2008 10:38am

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