Westwood co-founder Louis Castle leaves for InstantAction

Command and Conquer creator leaves EA LA to head up web browser gaming portal

Louis Castle, co-founder of Electronic Arts' Westwood Studios, has departed the company to head up revamped free-to-play games portal InstantAction, according to reports.

Castle set up the studio with Brett Sperry in 1985 and, following its purchase by EA in 1998, worked as the general manager of EA's recently closed Blueprint Studio, then in a new creative role with EA LA.

Industry Gamers reports Castle will join InstantAction as its new CEO at a time when the company is seeing significant changes with the closure of its Eugene, Oregon headquarters and a move to new offices in Las Vegas and Portland.

InstantAction's website offers both first and third-party created 3D web browser games monetised through advertising and micro-transactions. The site was acquired by Barry Diller's IAC in 2007 and recently purchased the Starseige IP from Activision.

Westwood's greatest commercial success came from the long-running Command & Conquer series. In 1992 the company was bought by Virgin Interactive and renamed Westwood Studios, then in 1998 EA took over following payment of a USD 122.5 million acquisition fee.

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