Vogster lays off staff following CrimeCraft release

Company restructures to focus resources on supporting new MMO

Vogster Entertainment is to lay off staff nearly one month after the release of its new MMO CrimeCraft in order to focus resources on supporting the title.

The New York-based developer completed work on both CrimeCraft and a sequel to its DS and iPhone cartoon strategy game Robocalypse over the last three months and as such, it says, must make "significant staffing changes" as it transitions from launch team to live team.

"Vogster has seen a number of releases this year. As an independent developer, we need to be very strategic in our use of available resources and shift from already launched titles to support the ongoing development and growth of CrimeCraft," said Daniel Prousline, vice president of development at Vogster. "We regret the necessary staffing changes and the talented employees that this impacts, but it is an unavoidable step in moving to the operational stage of CrimeCraft and optimising for the development of yet to be announced titles."

Established in September 2005, Vogster is a venture-funded, independent studio based in the US and with offices in Eastern Europe. Despite the staff restructuring, the company says its US headquarters remains fully operational and will continue the development and production of existing and future titles.

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By Kath Brice

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