Vancouver for Canadian Games Convention?

Popular trade and consumer event moves to thriving region

A representative for Games Convention has given the strongest indication yet that the popular consumer and business show will move to Canada, following organiser Leipziger Messe's desire to establish the event in North America.

And understands that Vancouver is one of the most likely destinations for the show, although final decisions have not yet been reached.

"We'll decide about the place of the new event in cooperation with the games industry," said a representative to Gamekyo. "It seems to become a city in Canada, not in the US. We'll inform you as soon as we arrived at a decision […], we are still in negotiation".

The latest Games Convention held in Leipzig, Germany, boasted over 14,600 industry professionals in attendance, and over 203,000 consumers, occupying 115,000 square meters of space. The show has become the focal point for the European games community.

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Julien Amougou , Nokia13 years ago
200,000 people in 115 square meters? That must have been quite the party.
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