Using Qur'an quotes in music "quite normal"

Musician behind controversial LittleBigPlanet song defends his actions

Toumani Diabate, the musician behind the song responsible for LittleBigPlanet's delayed release, has defended the practice of including passages from the Qur'an in music.

Diabate, himself a Muslim, told the BBC's News at Ten programme that it was common practice to use the Qur'an as an inspiration in music. Last week, Sony announced that it would be recalling all units of LittleBigPlanet and removing the song from the game in an attempt to avoid offence.

"It's quite normal to play music and be inspired by the words of the Prophet Mohammed," Diabate explaine. "It's my way to attract and inspire people towards Islam"

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain disagreed, telling the programme that the material should have been pulled and would have been offensive.

"Muslims believe the Qur'an to be the actual word of god and give it utmost respect," he said. "Therefore if it were to be used with the accompaniment of music or if it were to be used in a game or a commercial - that would upset and cause offence and hurt to many, many Muslims."

Last year, Sony faced criticism for including Manchester Cathedral as a level within its FPS, Resistance: Fall of Man. In that instance, objections came about after the game's launch and Sony refused to recall the game or the offending content.

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Tameem Antoniades Creative Director & Co-founder, Ninja Theory Ltd13 years ago
The publicity generated from this is enormous. Just watched news items on various mainstream terrestrial channels last night. Silver lining.
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Craig Oman Producer, Climax Group13 years ago
The other ironic thing is that everyone is now playing and listening to the song... which is exactly what they didn't want to happen!
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