Unity released for iPhone, announced for Windows

Company expects a significant increase in user base and revenue based on current demand

Copenhagen-based Unity has announced that its middleware platform of the same name is now available for iPhone development, and that work is underway on adding full Windows compatibility to the currently Mac-exclusive toolset.

The news, which was announced during the keynote presentation at the start of the Unite 08 conference, was followed by a presentation from Atari president Phil Harrison, who endorsed Unity - and technology like it - as a "lightbulb" moment that reminded him of the "game-changing" 3D dinosaur demo on the original PlayStation platform.

Unity co-founder and CEO told that the company had already experienced strong demand for the iPhone toolset, while chief creative officer Nicholas Francis added that he anticipated a "massive increase" in the middleware's user base once the Windows version was released - although Harrison later stated his belief that the Unity team was underestimating that demand increase "by an order of magnitude".

A precise release date for the Windows compatible product is yet to be decided, but when the new edition launches it will work across both Windows and Mac platforms.

The iPhone license is available on two levels, either as a full license for USD 1499, or as a basic edition including a Unity splash screen for USD 399.

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TM Project Manager 12 years ago
Close, but wrong country. Unity is based in Copenhagen (Denmark) just across Øresund from Malmö (Sweden).
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Phil Elliott Project Lead, Collective; Head of Community (London), Square Enix12 years ago
Indeed, thanks for the note, now edited.
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