UKTI offering Tokyo Game Show package

£750 for access to show and networking events on Japanese market

UK Trade & Investment is organising a week long trip to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show, with opportunities to meet and network with local experts and businesses.

As well attending the annual consumer and trade showcase, UKTI will stage a round-table workshop with guests from the Japanese market, visits to local games developers, a network reception and various promotional and marketing opportunities.

UKTI is asking for £750 for the organisation, with hotel and travel fees on top. More information can be found at The deadline for applications is July 30.

This year's Tokyo Game Show takes place September 16-19, with new specialised areas focused on mobile, PC online games and audio visual markets, and an international career pavilion.

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I heartily recommend involvement with this trade mission. Especially with TGS aiming to make 2010 a better event compared to last years dismal 2009 showing,
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TGS pass costs about $10 for the two business days. If people have never been before "maybe" this would help them acclimate, but the price seems really high to not include hotel or airfare or something other than a show pass and a meeting at an embassy.

I'm a big fan of TGS and recommend everyone go at least once!
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