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UK retailer puts Kinect RRP at 129.99

ShopTo narrows release date to November 19

UK online retailer ShopTo is listing Kinect for Xbox 360 with a recommended retail price of £129.99 and release date of November 19.

Microsoft has not yet officially priced the motion control technology, but US retailers have also been quick to put the price at around $149.99 in the region.

In comparison to the UK price, Sony's motion controller, Move, will retail as a bundle for £49.99, with individual Move and Navigation peripherals retailing for £34.99 and £24.99, respectively. The system is due in September.

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Latest comments (9)

Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 11 years ago
Well I'm definately keeping that 130 or so for the 3DS then!

That amount of money for a little motion technology or a whole new console?
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Bruce McNeish Senior Programmer, 4J Studios11 years ago
I can't understand what market MS are targetting with that price tag and software lineup.

That price tag, it true, seems too high to appeal to a casual consumer who will probably not already own a 360. Wheras the software lineup shoen thus far will alienate the core demographic. Who does that leave?

Maybe I am missing something, which is always possible :P, or MS is going to put together a kick-ass value for money bundle over the holiday season.
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Josef Brett Animator 11 years ago
As I posted on a different thread, I got this email this morning, which was suprising!

The details of "What you get" states 'Kinect Game', but doesn't specify which one...

Maybe one of the three '1st Party' titles? If so, that would make the pricing more realistic and affordable for a lot of people.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Josef Brett on 30th June 2010 11:56am

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Junior Enwright Writer - novelist, comic book scripts, game narrative, article writer 11 years ago
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Lewis Gaston Journalists 11 years ago
It sounds like a lot but it's comparable to Move. 130 for Kinect which can track 2 players successfully. The PS Move can cope with two Move controllers and two Sub controllers and would need a PSEye to give the complete experience. 49.99 for PSEye and one Move controller + one Sub controller @ 29.99 (average) = 79.98. Add another Move and Sub controller to create a 2 player set-up and you add another 69.98 giving a total of 149.96, give or take a few pound depending on where you buy.

I'm not comparing the capabilities of either technology but purely from a price point of view for a 2 player set-up.

So, whilst the Move could potentially cost more, Sony have grabbed initial interest by making it sound cheaper.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Lewis Gaston on 30th June 2010 12:25pm

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Nick Hidayat Studying Advanced Diploma in Character Animation, Animation Mentor11 years ago
Feels like a lot of money for a clever way to control Zune.

Sarcasm aside, you are approaching the price of a new Wii with Kinect and Move. If you also factor in the cost of a 360 and PS3, I think you nullify the other point that made the Wii so popular (aside from motion control), which was that it was cheaper than the other consoles.

But you never know, maybe "core" gamers will get into these devices and it will all be a huge success.
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Matt Martin Editor, GamesIndustry.biz11 years ago
Just corrected the price of Move bundle is 49.99, main controller 34.99 and sub-controller 24.99. Sorry about that.

There's nothing casual or family-orientated about the price of Kinect. Not unless MS radically drops the price of the Arcade unit and bundles the two for 200. Even then it's not an impulse buy.
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Julian Toseland games podcaster/website 11 years ago
One word...MADNESS, it really is, I know its not confirmed yet, but since the very optimistic early rumours of a good price, it's all we see now this a + 100 pricepoint.

Really what is there selling point, 15 titles at launch, in a 5 year old machine as well, I know they have not a great record with hardware in the past, but there really missing a trick here, to get Kinect into every home.
take the Wii, a great pricepoint, got everyone involved, but this to me is a real daft move all round, you have a major competitor already anounced there pricepoints, and you then have a great oppertunity to make a killing, just seems mad all round to me...but hey who knows, could be fooling us all, and it will be 50, as first promised.
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James Finlan Studying Information Systems, University of Manchester11 years ago
As I said a few weeks ago, 129 ;)
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