UK console installed base tops 24m

UPDATE: New numbers issued by Nintendo following confusion over original stats

The installed base of consoles in the UK has reached 24.2 million units in the UK, according to data from GfK Chart-Track.

As of June 27, 2009, the Wii has sold 5.4 million units, 2.3 million up on the 3.1 million units sold by June 28, 2008.

The Nintendo DS leads the hardware market by a significant margin, as it now stands with 9.1 million units sold in the region, up 2.7 million from 6.4 million in 2008.

Sony's PlayStation Portable has sold a total of 3.3 million units in the UK, up 1.1 million from the 2.2 million recorded in June 2008.

UPDATE: The source of this data, a financial statement from The GAME Group, has since been proven inaccurate - while the numbers as at June 27 are correct, previously-published rate of sales comparisons from earlier in the year were incorrectly assessed by the statement.

Specifically, suggestions that other platforms outsold the Nintendo Wii during the first half of 2009 were incorrect. Updated numbers are now available.

UK installed base of consoles by June 27, 2009:

  • NDS 9.1m
  • Wii 5.4m
  • Xbox 360 3.9m
  • PSP 3.3m
  • PlayStation 3 2.2m
  • DSi 0.3m

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