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- Ntreev USA, Inc., located in Irvine, California, announced today that Trickster Online Revolution has just released new content including New Equipment, Pets, Eggs, Quests, Special Events and much more!

With the newest content update and patch for Trickster Online Revolution, Megalo Robotics has unveiled their top-secret project, Combat Android Shoko-T4N! This new, uber-advanced combat android is available for all Tricksters Level 160+. Also included with this new high-tech, mayhem producing Pet are a complete set of Equipment and special Cybernetic enhancements for Tricksters throughout the island. These newest Equipment and Weapon enhancements are available in special Robo Boxes, consisting of Robo Box Sets for Level 160+, and Robo Box-X Sets for Tricksters Level 230+! These high-tech gadgets and upgrades will only be available for a limited time, and can be purchased in My Shop with the use of Ntreev Cash Points! This special Cybernetic Augmentation, and new Pet, Shoko-T4N were exclusively designed for the English Language release of Trickster Online Revolution, and are available here as a World Premiere Exclusive!

This offer will conclude on April 23rd, 2008, all Tricksters who wish to get their hands on the most advanced Combat Android ever engineered from Megalo Robotics, as well as the rest of the World Premiere Cybernetic Equipment and Weapon upgrades need to act now and grab their own Robo Boxes and Robo Box-X's before they're gone forever!

For more information on this newest, exclusive designed and world premiere release for Trickster Online Revolution, make sure to check out the official website!

World Premiere Combat Android Shoko-T4N and New Exclusive Cybernetic Equipment Comes To Trickster Online Revolution!

From April 2nd through April 30th, all Tricksters who spend over 1,000 Ntreev Cash Points in Trickster Online Revolution's in-game item mall, My Shop, will be eligible for a special drawing that grant them their very own individual Weather Generator! The effects of these new Weather Generators will display directly above your Trickster in-game for all to see! Each week, a new drawing will be made, and new Weather Generators will be awarded to lucky meteorological enthusiasts throughout Caballa Island!

To be eligible for this special, random drawing and to get your very own, personalized in-game Weather Generator, simply spend over 1,000 Ntreev Cash Points in My Shop during any of the weeks specified for the Pick Your Own Weather Event! For a complete list of details, as well as the time-frames for each drawing and the Weather Generators available, make sure to check the official website!

Get The Weather You Want Today, And Every Day! New Bonus Weather Generators Are Here!

Leonardo's Egg Shop is increasing its amazing inventory with brand new Pets, Equipment and more! In addition to these newest in-game items, a new Bonus Egg Event will be running until April 23rd, for all Tricksters who spend 3,000 Ntreev Cash Points in My Shop! These new Bonus Eggs, will not be available any other way and can only be obtained through this special Bonus Event offer!

For complete details on Trickster Online Revolution's amazing Eggs, Egg Shop Leonardo and his incredible assortment of in-game wears, make sure to check the official website!

Leonardo's Egg Shop Is Bursting At The Seams With New Products!

Special Bonus Egg Event Ends on April 23rd! Don't Miss Out!

April Brings A Special Month Long Bonus Points Event! Get Your Own B-Team Boxes Now!

During the entire month of April, all Tricksters who spend 20,000 Ntreev Cash Points in My Shop will automatically receive a special B-Team Box! Each and every one of these unique boxes includes a special in-game pet. There is no limit to how many boxes Tricksters can obtain and all B-Team Boxes will be distributed directly to My Shop inventories in real-time!

Big heart! Big Bonus! All in the special B-Team Boxes!

For more information on this exclusive offer and all other special events for Trickster Online Revolution, be sure to check the official website!

Pity The Fool Who Doesn't Get Their Own B-Team Boxes!

According to an ancient tradition, it is believed that Sakura Spirits sing and dance under fully blooming Cherry trees, and anyone who is lucky enough to meet one of these cheerful spring-time sprites will have their wishes come true! Caballa Island's own Rosemary has a very special wish that she desperately wants granted, and it is up to Tricksters everywhere to assist the 7 Princess Club members in realizing Rosemary's dream! To participate in this new quest which will end on April 23rd, and to find out what Rosemary's special wish is, simply talk to the Item Girl standing in front of the Cavalier Statue in the center of Megalopolis!

As with all special Quests in Trickster Online Revolution, those that are able to successfully complete the Everlasting Sakura Quest will receive special in-game items, Equipment and more! For details regarding this newest limited-time Quest, make sure to check the official Trickster Online Revolution website!

Rosemary Needs Your Help To Make Her Wishes Come True In The New Everlasting Sakura Quest!

Coming soon to Trickster Online Revolution, a new addition to Caballa Island is on its way, and it will test the very limits of even the most powerful Tricksters. The new Chaos Tower will offer eleven floors of continuous, nonstop action, filled to the brim with new monsters, new weapons, new Quests and more!

Make sure to check the official website for Trickster Online Revolution as more details are released for this upcoming, chaotic and exciting addition!

Trickster Online Revolution Official Website!

Trickster Online is completely free-to-play, MMORPG based on story of a group of adventurers from around the world all vying to become the greatest adventurer of all time and get their hands on the infamous Don Cavalier fortune! Trickster Online Revolution incorporates cute and fun characters based on animals such as bunnies, sheep, raccoons, cats, buffalos, dragons, lions and foxes. The title offers a wide variety of skills and jobs, which can be customized to fit the individual taste and playing style, as well as plenty of quests and stories for hours of gameplay!

Don't wanna fight? That's not a problem with the exclusive Drilling System. You can find hidden items with the Drill of your choice, discover buried items beneath the ground of Caballa Island and gain valuable EXP to improve your character! Forget the old, boring battle system; our gripping card-based system is here! Players can also create a cyber home inside the game, called, My Camp! Show your personality by decorating your My Camp!

Direct Game Download!

Located in Southern California and established in the Fall of 2006, Ntreev USA Inc. is a sister company of Ntreev Soft (known for games such as Trickster, and Pangya). They specialize in online game development and publishing, and is currently working with many partners around the globe to develop and publish new online game content. Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy is the first major release for Ntreev USA Inc. Please visit Ntreev's website for more information at <a href=""></a>.

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