TransGaming announces game development studio

Software port house launches game development studio, first title for Wii

Representatives of TransGaming have announced that the company has opened an internal game development studio, and have partnered with Foreign Media Games on the development of a game for Nintendo's Wii.

The Canadian studio, which is known primarily for porting games to the Macintosh and iPhone, has begun developing its first original game, titled Armin van Buuren - In the Mix. The game, developed in partnership with Foreign Media Games, will be a DJ simulator based on the career and output of performer Armin van Buuren.

"It's an absolute thrill for our first game to be a new global franchise based on the top DJ in the world, Armin Van Buuren," said TransGaming CEO and president Vikas Gupta. "We are confident that Armin van Buuren In the Mix will propel the highly popular music gaming genre to new heights with its innovative game play experience that embodies the creativity, energy and artistry of the ultimate DJ."

"As a Dutch publisher we are extremely proud of the fact that it is possible for us to publish this great game in co-operation with one of the biggest music icons of this moment," added Foreign Media Games managing director Michel van Elmpt.

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