Trade price for Wii drops in UK

Returns to pre-hike asking price, but RRP "determined by the retailers," says Nintendo

Nintendo has confirmed that the trade price of the Wii will fall from October 2 in the UK and Ireland. understands that the trade price will return to the same price it was before the company began asking more for the system in April due to the weak UK pound.

"We will be reducing the trade price of Wii to retailers from October 2, 2009," said the company in a statement.

"In the UK and Republic of Ireland we are also introducing a new configuration of Wii hardware which will replace the current offering and will include the Wii console and Wii Sports with the new Wii Sports Resort game and Wii MotionPlus accessory.

"This will be available to retailers at the newly reduced trade price. The ultimate price to consumers is, of course, determined by the retailers," added Nintendo.

Online retailers such as have already begun taking pre-orders, offering the new Wii bundle for GBP 189.99 a GBP 10 increase on the previous offering.

The news comes as the company announces a significant price drop in the US and Japan, to USD 199 and JPY 20,000, respectively.

"Our aim has always been to expand the gaming population and there are still many more people out there who have not yet experienced the fun of videogames. This compelling offer will hopefully make Wii more accessible to everyone," added Nintendo.

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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard9 years ago
The price situation in the UK is pathetic... for years, we've paid the same price in 's as the US have paid in $'s... at the time, the manufacturers were more than happy to rake in a much higher return from UK consumers. Now that the is suffering, they're hiking their prices even further compared to other countries.

We're in the middle of a recession and the hardware vendors are using the UK to make sure that they can line their pockets with silver...

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Its not just the UK. The cost of a PSPGo in Australia is currently $450AU - or approx $390US.

That's almost $100US more than the cost of a PS3.
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Alex Wright-Manning Senior Recruitment Manager, Splash Damage Ltd9 years ago
I've been bitching about this for years, but quite frankly as long as we continue to consume their products, we'll still be oiled and shafted. The only way to stop it is to stop buying their products, and we all know that isn't going to happen boys and girls.
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Jas Purewal Partner, Purewal & Partners9 years ago
Can I just add that it seems even more indefensible for digital downloaded games to employ the same practice. The prices on Steam make me vent steam (ahaha) every time I see them.
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