THQ cuts 60 jobs, rebrands digital studios

Juice Games and Rainbow Studios to focus on XBLA, PSN, iPhone and iPad projects

US publisher THQ has announced that it is rebranding two internal studios, at the cost of 60 jobs.

Juice Games in the UK and Rainbow Studios in North America will now be known as THQ Digital Studios Warrington and THQ Digital Studios Phoenix, as the both team focus on digital opportunities.

"Consumers are increasingly looking for deeper engagement with their favourite entertainment experiences. They also want to enjoy games and entertainment via convenient social and portable platforms that suit their lifestyle," said Danny Bilson, executive vice president of THQ Core Games.

"We plan to address these needs through a rich offering of content distributed across digital platforms, based both on all of our major core brands as well as new intellectual properties."

The publisher expects to release digital titles in 2011, for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, iPhone and iPad platforms.

Juice Games has previously worked on the Juiced racing series, while Rainbow Studios was responsible for the MX Vx ATV brand.

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Dave Newhouse Lighter, Bizarre Creations12 years ago
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Ian Williams Senior Artist 1, THQ Digital Studios UK12 years ago
Another blow to the North-West development scene
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Jane Carver 3d character animator/ modellor 12 years ago
Not a good month to work in the games industry..
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