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Take-Two: Motion technology will inspire software innovation

Grand Theft Auto publisher will "be at the forefront" of games for new hardware from Microsoft and Sony, say CEO Ben Feder

Take-Two's CEO Ben Feder has put his company's weight behind the motion control technology from Microsoft and Sony, stating that new hardware developments will inspire more innovative software from game designers.

And he's confident his company can be at the forefront of delivering new software experiences for Project Natal and Sony's equivalent, as Take-Two has some of the "best and most creative minds" working for the it.

"I'm quite sure that whatever the innovators in hardware have in mind, the software innovators are going to take it in whole new directions. We plan to be at the forefront of that," offered Feder, in an exclusive interview published today.

"Take-Two is really focused on innovation and creativity. Anytime that there is an innovation in the hardware it leads to an ability to innovate in software.

He added: "When you have some of the best and most creative minds in the business working at your company, you always welcome that because it leaves the door open to doing cool things that weren't possible before. Every now and then you end up with a real dog that doesn't lead anywhere, but I don't expect that to happen here. This is looking pretty good."

Dropping complex controllers and removing barriers to entry is key to attracting new consumers, said Feder, who also acknowledged the early work done with motion control by Nintendo's Wii.

"Nintendo obviously did a great job with the Wii controller and it's clear that consumers want that, the ability to just stand in front of a display and motion with your hand or talk, that's what people want.

"The closer to natural motion we get the more we can take advantage of that to create specific software," he said.

The full interview with Ben Feder, where he discusses new PlayStation 3 title Agent, how the new Grand Theft Auto DLC causes an uplift in franchise sales, and his thoughts on Take-Two entering the peripherals market, can be read here.

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