Trailer released for Dreamcast shooter.

Recently, redspotgames revealed their latest Dreamcast title on "neues," a news program on the German channel 3sat.There Max Scharl, CEO of redspotgames, presented Sturmwind for Dreamcast for the first time, including scenes from thegame. But aside from a few clips in the background, this announcement was largely comprised of screenshots rather thanvideo.

Since then, Sturmwind has been the recipient of wide-ranging international media feedback. The interest in this Shoot'em Up for the last Sega platform has taken hold not only in the Dreamcast scene, but far beyond. redspotgames hasbeen thrilled to receive such interest from outside the target audience.

Now redspotgames, an indie publisher based in Munich and Duranik, a two-man developer team from Erlenmoos,Germany, present the official Sturmwind trailer on their YouTube pages. The trailer features several levels as well as someof the game's impressive bosses. It has also been revealed that the environment is completely destructable and that thegame will feature vertical scrolling sections in addition to the horizontal. Sturmwind is still on target for a Q2 2011 release.

Preorder can be made at . As the publishers note, payment is not required untilSturmwind becomes available.

If you are interested in interviews or development insights, please contact the press department

The trailer is available on YouTubeandVimeo.

About redspotgames

redspotgames is an independent publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software. Established in 2005, the publisher and distributor is a breath of

fresh air among its competitors. The company's portfolio began with the international publishing, distribution and promotion of three of the most high-class titles

within the Dreamcast Indie Games library: Last Hope, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles and Rush Rush Rally Racing. redspotgames gained international publicity

by continuing to support the SEGA Dreamcast videogame console at the end of ist lifecycle. Meanwhile, redspotgames expanded its scope by publishing

new challenging interactive entertainment software on the leading hardware platforms - Nintendo WiiWare, Xbox LIVE Indie Games and PlayStation

Network. redspotgames is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has worked with development studios from around the world, from the Netherlands to Costa


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