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Study: PS3 has highest percentage of connected users

78% of US users connected to internet; Wii has highest number online

Research from The Diffusion Group in the US has shown that PlayStation 3 users are most likely to use their console online.

A study of 2000 broadband users showed that 78 per cent of PlayStation 3 owners had their console connected to the internet, compared to 73 per cent of Xbox 360 users and 54 per cent of Wii users.

According to Diffusion Group director Michael Greeson, games console are "best positioned to become the first mainstream over-the-top (OTT) video delivery platform," reports Gamasutra.

Nintendo announced the US launch of Netflix on the Wii this week, meaning that all three of the consoles now offer the video streaming service.

And Greeson estimated that a quarter of Wii owners in the US are already subscribers to Netflix's DVD rental by post service.

Earlier this year, analyst Michael Pachter predicted that Netflix on the Wii would make minimal impact, estimating that fewer than 20 per cent of Wiis were connected to the internet.

His estimate was much lower than the survey's findings of 54 per cent - although it's worth noting the survey only quizzed broadband users.

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Latest comments (6)

Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
That gives us the following US figures:

PS3 - 10.57 million
X360 - 16.60 million
Wii - 17.69 million

Very interesting.
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D11 years ago
Ah, the whole "you can prove anything you want with statistics" thing;) I still mainly use my 360 for gaming - no real reason other than it was out first and so that's where most of my friends are. Plus, I just hate the small PS3 controllers:)
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I have to agree my friends are mostly on ps3 therefore that's the platform I'll be using! If it was 360 it be otherwise still this doesn't mean anything. The percentages are only off my by 5 percent. Who gives to be honest! I just wish the playstation network would upgrade their servers, sometimes it's so difficult to invite my friends for a round of moderwarfare 2!
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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard11 years ago
Statistics are fantastic... if I made my own games console, created just one of them, then connected it to the internet, that would make it the most successful online console ever.
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Adrian Gilby Senior Programmer, Codemasters11 years ago
I think you'd need to see how many of the respondents had consoles, and some sort of proper statistical analysis, before you could agree with the conclusions drawn in the press release. Unfortunately the survey costs 1000 dollars!
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Rob Stevens Senior Developer/Designer 11 years ago
Just to add more derision - how many of these connected consoles are actually being used for internet related activities? My Wii has been connected to the internet for 2 years, but aside from system updates I hardly ever use it (the net, that is).

Two things noteworthy in the text: "...most likely to use their console online...", means the study didn't actually look into how (or if) these consumers are exploiting their internet connections, which would have been more interesting. It also means that they assume PS3 users are more active because there's a greater percentage of them, they don't actually know this for a fact. It is worth pointing out that owners of PS3s using them for Blu-ray playback probably connected to the net to update their firmware at some stage, since many new releases require firmware updates. How many of these people connected their PS3 in order to play/purchase games?

"...worth noting the survey only quizzed broadband users." makes me wonder how many other groups were excluded. Reading the Gamasutra article shows they only polled adults, though the age range isn't made clear.

Yet another study that tell us virtually nothing.
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