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Streamline to leverage Infernal Engine

Deal with Terminal Reality to see game engine offered to co-production partners

Terminal Reality and Streamline Studios have entered into a partnership, whereby the developer will have access to the Infernal Engine in exchange for promoting it with its co-production partners.

Streamline will now use the engine on its internal projects and make the tool available to all production partners. Under the terms of the deal, Terminal Reality will share the marketing and promotion of titles developed on the Infernal Engine.

"Streamline Studios is widely known as the premier content creation and production house in the games industry. The Infernal Engine is the most cross platform, highly featured game engine available, and we feel that our advanced asset pipeline will allow their artists to shine," said Joe Kreiner, VP sales and marketing at Terminal Reality.

"As Streamline Studios moves into more co-productions, the Infernal Engine platform flexibility will give them a upper hand in development options, as well as reduce costs."

Alexander Fernandez, president and CEO of Streamline Studios, added: "Our partnership with Terminal Reality will give us the ability to support one of the fastest growing engines on the market today and further expand our capabilities in deploying the highest quality external content creation services to the market."

"Our studio has a reputation for delivering AAA content for some of the biggest blockbusters in the industry and we only work with the best partners. Terminal Reality has impressed us and we're confident that we'll all benefit exponentially from our combined efforts."

The two companies are planning a joint promotion of the Infernal Engine as a teaching tool, potentially setting up programs in which promising teams gain access to the engine as well as Streamline Studio's support.

The Infernal Engine is currently being used to develop the Ghostbusters videogame, and has been licensed by Threewave, Red Fly Studios and Spider Monk Entertainment, among others.

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14 - 16 April 2021

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