Start your engines and load your guns - Melted Games debut with Autofrag: SUMO

For Immediate Release

Melted Games are proud to announce the release of their debut title Autofrag: SUMO for Windows 98/2000/XP/ME. In this intense vehicle based shoot-em-up you compete with four AI drivers in a fight to the finish over 28 deadly arenas. You can use your roof-mounted machine gun along with a range of secondary weapons such as rocket launchers, flamethrowers and land mines to dispatch your opponents.

The 'SUMO' element of the game becomes apparent from the very first level. As well as shooting and setting fire to your opponents you also have the option of pushing them over the edge of cliffs, into land mines, or in later levels - out into the depths of space.

Released to critical acclaim in the summer of 2004, the original web game had a quarter of a million hits in its first month alone. The popularity of the web version of the game convinced the Melted Games team to expand the game's scope and make a full retail version.

"I don't think we expected the game to get the reaction it did." said lead programmer Andrew Nye, "but our web server almost burned out the weekend after release so we knew we'd done something right."

The reviews that the game has received certainly seem to back this up. "The 3-D graphics and physics are excellent in this game, and the soundtrack, as they say in the UK, is ace", according to

The online version of the game was awarded a 9/10 rating by, and has spent 3 months in the top 3 of their games chart.

The retail version of Autofrag: SUMO contains the following new features

  • Fullscreen 800x600 mode
  • 4 game modes: Campaign, Deathmatch, Rocket Arena and Capture

the Flag

  • Online high score tables
  • Extended soundtrack by Stelf including 3 brand new mixes
  • Soundtrack editor - use your mp3 collection to create a new

soundtrack for the game

  • 6 unlockable cars including 4 brand new ones

Autofrag: SUMO runs under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP operating systems and costs $14.99 (USD). A trial version of the game can be downloaded free of charge at

About Melted Games

Melted Games was formed early in 2004 by members of Melted Media and Studio Budgie to work on a 3d racing web game for the Toyota Europe website. The staff of Studio Budgie had previously worked on two high profile driving games for PS2 and XBOX, so brought a vast amount of experience to the new company and gave Autofrag: SUMO a very distinct style.

The team are now putting the finishing touches to their second game - a rather more laid-back puzzle title by the name of Goop Deluxe, and are about to start work on their next major release using the Torque Game Engine.

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