Spector's Disney project likely to be 'Epic Mickey'

Online reports detail Wii title from Junction Point Studios

Warren Spector's secretive project for Disney is likely to be called Epic Mickey, due for release on Nintendo's Wii.

Disney bought Spector's Junction Point Studios – responsible for fan-favourite Deus Ex – back in 2007, and has kept the acclaimed designer and his projects under wraps ever since.

But new artwork unearthed on forum Neogaf, and further details cribbed from online CVs by Superannuation point to Epic Mickey, possibly a codename, featuring familiar Disney characters and locations given a sci-fi or steampunk twist. The images also back up a report by Gamasutra from late last year.

Although Spector has been quiet on details of the game, he's been vocal in his belief that videogames are too long and that he's become tired of making games based on violent subjects.

Junction Point is also known to be collaborating with Pixar and Disney Feature Animation on a game, although "if I say anymore, I’ll get in trouble," said Spector last year. has contacted Disney for comment.

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Latest comments (3)

Tameem Antoniades Creative Director & Co-founder, Ninja Theory Ltd12 years ago
"he's been vocal in his belief that videogames are too long"

I concurr - am i the only one who thinks we should be able to buy 3-4 hour games for 15 instead of bloated epics most people don't bother finishing for 40?
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Chris Hunter-Brown IT / Games specialist, BBFC12 years ago
Hopefully the success that digital channels like Xbox Live Arcade, LSN et al should mean that you are not alone. Last summer I don't think I played anything other than Geometry Wars 2, Braid and Castle Crashers for a good while.

Not to mention Portal.
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Alan Dixon Recruitment Consultant, Amiqus12 years ago
To echo what you are saying Tameem, I think given the amount of games out there on the market, If they were a bit shorter and cheaper, it might give the consumer a bit more reason to buy a few more titles?
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