Sony's PlayStation business opens in Vietnam

PlayStation 3, PS2 and PSP on sale in region

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has announced that it has launched the PlayStation business in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP are all available to consumers from this month, making Vietnam the 8th country and region in the SCE Asia territories.

The PlayStation 3 will sell for VND 9,990,000 (330 / $540), the PlayStation 2 for VND 4,490,000 (148 / $243) and the PSP for VND 5,990,000 (198 / $324).

The PS3 SKU is the latest charcoal black slim model with 120GB hard drive, while the PSP 3000 comes in piano black and pearl white models.

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Binh Vuong8 years ago
It's great that Sony officially launches the brand there. It's interesting to see how that will affect the illegal market, which has been the only source that provides the consoles for Vietnamese consumers. Copyrights will be a huge issue there.
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