Sony's 3D strategy to incorporate PS3

Company says all PS3 units will be upgradable to 3D via firmware

Sony has listed 3D gaming as one of the five key advantages to the PlayStation 3 platform, and confirmed that the release of 3D games onto the console will form part of its 3D strategy in the future.

In a presentation to investors, the company revealed its plan to add 3D capabilities to the PS3. "All PS3 units will be firmware upgradable to 3D", it said.

Offering 3D tools to third party developers in the future will form part of the plan as Sony aims to "lead to the 3D market."

Not only will it look to bring 3D technology to the PlayStation 3, but it is also looking to implement it into the Blu-ray format and its high-definition televisions.

3D gaming was specified as one of the five key advantages PlayStation 3 offers, alongside motion control, Blu-ray, PSN and PSP linkage.

Sony also revealed, reported yesterday, it was expecting to return its PlayStation business to profitability by the fiscal year ending March 2011.

Higher revenues would be generated, it said, by further cost reductions, greater hardware and software sales, and the development of the PlayStation Network.

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