Sony to localise for Latin America

Killzone 3 and inFamous 2 among the titles to be tailored for 18 countries in the region

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that it is to begin a full localisation programme for the 18 countries that it services in Latin America, including key titles such as Killzone 3 and inFamous 2.

The move continues the company's focus on the region, and the announcement comes one year after the PlayStation manufacturer began to distribute its products there.

"Millions of Latin American fans follow PlayStation for its diverse and rich game library as well as for its superior entertainment value and experience," said Mark Stanley, senior director and general manager of Latin America at SCEA. "Our priority is for every consumer in the region to have full access to every product that PlayStation has to offer, along with full product warranty and service.

"In addition to same day launches of PlayStation's entire line up of triple-A games for the region, we're also offering a number of products that are only available in Latin America, such as the Gamer Kit line.

"We're listening to our consumers, and whether it's stereoscopic 3D content, exclusive games or the new PlayStation Move experience, our fans will be very busy this year being entertained."

The announcement was made at the firm's Destination PlayStation Latin America event, which took place in Cabo del Sol, Mexico, and was attended by over 200 of the region's key retailers.

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Luis Alv Designer 7 years ago
Good. As a Latin American consumer I cant help but getting exited about those news. Good for Sony and I only hope for Microsoft and Nintendo to do the same.
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