Sony "supportive" of Insomniac's multiformat future

After 15 years and 35 million Sony games sold, Xbox 360 expansion is "important business decision" says Price

Insomniac CEO Ted Price has said that Sony is supportive of the developers decision to work on the Xbox 360, and the studio remains on very good terms with the platform holder despite going multiformat after over 15 years of working exclusively on Sony hardware.

Speaking to, Price said the relationship between the two is the strongest it's ever been, but the company needs to expand beyond Sony formats to reach as many players as possible.

"Sony is well aware of what we've been doing and we talked to them early about our goals to go multiplatform," said Price in an interview with "For us it's an important business decision we had to make.

"Sony has been incredibly supportive and it's important to note we continue to work with Sony and our relationship with them is more important than ever."

Insomniac said today it is working on a new gaming franchise to be published by EA Partners, the division of Electronic Arts that recently set up a new studio with ex-Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella.

David DeMartini, general manager of EA Partners, pointed out that the new deal will not affect any of the work Insomniac continues to do for Sony – a partnership that has so far seen the combined sales of over 35 million games in the Resistance, Ratchet & Clank and Spyro franchises.

"Sony is a valued partner of EA and a valued partner of Insomniac and the studio isn't stopping its work on its other incredible franchises which happen to be released on the Sony platforms. It's a win-win for everybody in this relationship," he added.

Price refused to shed any light on how long Insomniac has been exploring the Xbox 360 hardware and software, but was confident that it would not require a significant shift of the development practices already in place at the studio.

"We still embrace the same production philosophies that have allowed us to release games just about every year since our inception. We're obviously developing new technology to support the Xbox 360," he offered.

The full interview with Ted Price and David DeMartini can be read here.

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Stephen Farrelly Editor, AusGamers12 years ago
Who will Activision nab next to combat this?
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Shane Sweeney Academic 12 years ago
Naughty Dog of course. Ha.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 12 years ago
Shane, I'm not sure what your 'Ha' is indicative of (maybe the close parallels ND & Insomniac have always had?), but Naughty Dog are owned by Sony, so there's no chance of that (unless the ND management leave to set up a new studio for Activision, like the Dead Space guys did with Sledgehammer).

Or maybe I've just really over-analysed your joke and ruined it for everyone. Sorry ;)
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