Snowboarding TNT

Tilty, twisting winter sports sim available at the App Store now.

NEW YORK, NY JUNE 15, 2009Mobile games developer TiltnTwist announced today Snowboarding TNT is now available on the AppStore for $1.99.

Snowboarding TNT is a fast-moving sports challenge that requires players to tilt and twist their handsets to control the downhill action and avoid obstacles no need to bother hassling with tiny buttons to control game action.

Players can become a male or female boarder, and can pick the language of their choice among English, Spanish, French, Italian, or German. They enjoy six downhill courses starting with Easy Street and Bunny Slope, and increasing in difficulty as they slide through Turtle Run, Quickdraw, The Chute, and Holy Moses.

The fun factor in Snowboarding TNT is immediate and unrelenting as gamers are required to do lots of things simultaneously control downhill maneuvers and speed, avoid crashing into trees and smashing into huge rocks (Wipeout!), maneuver through narrow tunnels with hanging ice cycles, and slice through strategically placed course gates while performing over 30 cool jumps and airborne tricks en route to the finish line and a mob of cheering fans.

Players gain points as they successfully complete jumps, tricks, and race against the clock. High scores can be posted on the scoreboard, encouraging friendly competitions with board buddies and family members.

TiltnTwists Snowboarding TNT, DropZone, and DUI: The Long Drive Home, developed by Super Happy Fun Fun ( and HyperHamster (developed by OneNine Studios at are available on all major carriers in the U.S.

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TiltnTwist, founded in 2007 by Robert Goodale and Trev Huxley, develops gesture-based mobile phone video games on the iPhone, BREW, Java, and Windows Mobile platforms. The New York-based studio released its first four mobile titles in November 2008. In 1998, Mr. Goodale and musician David Bowie co-founded UltraStar Entertainment to create pay online communities for leading musical artists including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, Avril Lavigne, Sting, Tim McGraw, and Gloria Estefan. Clear Channel (now renamed Live Nation) acquired the company in 2006. Mr. Huxley co-founded Muze Inc., which created the leading entertainment product databases in the United States and was involved in a variety of international data standard efforts. Mr. Huxley serves on the board of directors of Image Entertainment, a publicly traded company and The Center for Social and Emotional Education, a non-profit organization based in New York City. In addition he has been a consultant for a number of companies who need his digital media expertise including Gracenote which specializes in music recognition, content delivery, and database management and are the creators of the CDDB disc recognition service (recently acquired by SONY) and Major League Gaming - the premier sports league for video console gaming.

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