Two cheery puzzle games in one iPhone download.

- Sykhronics Entertainment would like to introduce, Smiles. A brand new game now available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Smiles is a collection of 2 great games.

Smiles Drop is an unconventional action puzzle game. Unlike many others, you don't have to wait to make your next move. In addition, you're not pressured in to making that move either. Play at your own pace. Make matches, break ice and rocks, twisting and turning your way to higher scores.

Smiles Zen is a relaxing game of strategy. Borrowing heavily from Solitaire and Sudoku, it's an easy game to pick up but difficult to master. Matches light up instead of clearing, and the goal is to light up the board.

In addition to difficulties, Smiles features several extra game modes. Avalanche, where the ice constantly pours out; Hard, where ice is harder to break; Long Play, where multiple matches and combos are easier; And Six, where you can lose in as few as 2 moves.

2 great games (Smiles Drop, and Smiles Zen)

14 different game modes

3 colorful themes

Designed for players of all skill levels

Play at a relaxed pace, or make moves right away

Play in any orientation

Use gravity to break Rocks and Ice (Drop)

High Scores


Over 140 Challenges to complete

Listen to your music while you play

Pause menu clock

For more information about Smiles, visit

Smiles is now available in the App Store.

Sykhronics Entertainment is a Canadian independent game developer. It is owned and operated by Michael Kasprzak, a game industry veteran with nearly a decade of experience. Mike has worked on more than a dozen titles featuring properties from Mattel, Disney, Hoyle, Milton Bradley, Knowledge Adventure and Breakthrough Entertainment. Sykhronics Entertainment aims to bring exciting original titles to current and next generation mobile and console gaming systems.

For more information, visit

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