Slitherine/BBC deal

New history game to be unveiled at GC Lyon.

European videogames publisher Slitherine has announced that it has entered into a license agreement with the BBC to develop a new history game. It will feature a distinctive combination of innovative game play and expertly researched history content. It is hoped the deal will result in a series of games.

The UK-based publisher is already underway with the development of a multi platform title. The first release is set to hit the shelves in Q3 next year as part of Slitherines 2009 release schedule.

Marco Minoli, Director of Marketing at Slitherine said: We are delighted to be working on such an ambitious project, merging entertainment and knowledge in a single thrilling and exciting product.

Full details of the project will be revealed during GC Lyon in November.

[About Slitherine] - Slitherine is a privately funded and independent UK developer and publisher. Slitherine is dedicated to bringing highly playable and approachable strategy games to the mass market with a specific dedication to history of all ages. Slitherine Software is uniquely placed to deliver due to its experience within the industry and also the wider gaming community.

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