Consumers don't want single-player games, says Harrison

Infogrames' president claims "I don't think the industry is going to make many more."

Phil Harrison has claimed that the games industry will move away from making standalone single-player titles like Alone in the Dark.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the Infogrames president explained how consumers increasingly want network connectivity and embedded communities in their games, and that he expects the industry to reduce its focus on solely single-player titles.

"Alone in the Dark is a beautifully crafted single-player adventure game. I don't think the industry is going to make many more of those," said Harrison.

"I just don't think consumers want to be playing games that don't have some kind of network connectivity to them, or some kind of community embedded in them, or some kind of extension available through downloadable content."

"The industry is changing, and the role we play as creators and publishers has to reflect those changes. I don't think I'm alone in having those views, either," he added.

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Latest comments (5)

Francisco Montero13 years ago
Wake up!!!
Neither everybody wants networked games, nor there is cheap broadband access all over the world.
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Andrew Goulding Assistant Producer, Krome Studios13 years ago
Yeah, and people will stop playing solitare...
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Jon Sloan Managing Director, an.x ltd13 years ago
I was a bit surprised when I read the headline but it's a little misleading isn't it? I'm not sure that he said exactly what the headline proclaims. It reads to me more like he stated that isolated, ring fenced single player games are going to be in the minority. That the majority of new games will have some kind of human to human connectivity built into them from the get go.
It doesn't mean that there won't be single player content in the game. It means that you can have that AND an element that allows you to connect to other humans and converse/challenge/play with them too.
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Lesley Harrison Editor, Myth Games13 years ago
Not everyone has the TIME for multiplayer games either. I often play in 'single player mode' in the background while working - pausing as need be, and having big breaks between levels.

When companies talk about making games that have an emphasis on multi player, or downloadable content, it makes me think 'lazy' - they can't be bothered to make a complete, standalone game - so they let players make the fun for each other - or think 'we can make it a 5 minute game, and sell the real content to them later'.
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Franck Sauer Creative / Tech Art Director, Fresh3d13 years ago
Phil is a good chap, but it is too evident he's preaching for his new company's new objectives. It couldn't be more biased, same as when he was at sony. Just doing his job obviously, but I'd take that with a pinch of salt.
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