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CSO SimTek develops Tactical Sims

CSO Simtek Ltd is a company currently working on numerous simulation projects for both the military and commercial simulation market. Working closely with the USMC (United States Marine Corp) and other organizations including, ONR (Office of Naval Research), Klein Associates, PMTRASYS (The Program Manager for Training Systems), Marcorsyscom (Marine Corps Systems Command), Paradox Entertainment ,and many others.

Currently as well as working with various companies and groups producing support and mission critical applications for the military, Simtek Ltd is creating its own game engine called Synision which will power both military simulations and a full commercial release provisionally called "Tactical Reality" Working in collaboration with the USMC and other military organizations, the game is expected to be near release in Q1 2006.

Perfectly positioned and capable of delivering economical solutions using Industry standard and Off the Shelf Technologies, Simtek Ltd has been very successful in leveraging on-going value in these areas.

In addition Simtek Ltd has the expertise to be involved with the development of Tactical Sims, thus providing a complete range of capabilities. These have been demonstrated with our work on CCM (Close Combat Marines), and in our current TDS Projects. Currently one of the many projects CSO Simtek is involved in is installing TDS's in the USMCHQ at the DoD HQ in the Pentagon.

Although a relatively new organization, Simtek Ltd has many long standing and experienced Staff, bringing years of involvement in PC based Games and Simulations, as well as System Development and Technological expertise. With our graphic designers, programmers, network specialists and other professionals, we offer complete simulation solutions.

"We are aware of the keen interest from all over the World for the use of Decision-making Simulations, and we have the capability to provide them, not only for the Military, but any security based operation or civilian application" (Chris Bean, Director, CSO Simtek Ltd.).

Simtek Ltd takes the basic functionality of a TDS (Simulation) and integrates it into a dynamic training environment,t with benefits to the Students, Instructors, Project Managers, and Scientists alike. Using the flexibility and convenience of the Internet, simple yet powerful environments can be engineered. Adapting the needs of the Real World to the Virtual World is one of Simtek Ltd's greatest strengths.

In the Commercial Market, the demand for Strategic and Tactical War Games has never been stronger, and continues to grow. Players are ever looking for better realism and functionality, and that elusive 'Eureka' factor. Possibly the most important issue is the portrayal of real life actions and events realistically. The Simtek Team understands these needs, and is engaged in designing the systems and technologies needed to deliver the quality and performance required now, and in the future.

ABOUT CSO Simtek Ltd

Founded by Shaun Wallace and Chris Bean, Simtek Ltd is founded on years of experience with Tactical Simulations and Games, Technological expertise, and Industry experience. Shaun has been a producer and head of acquisitions with Matrix Games, and was instrumental in the rebirth and success of the Wargamer Site and Services. He has also worked on numerous game titles with many companies including 2By3 Games, Panther Games, SSG, Kois Works, Trysinergy Inc., and many others. Chris has been involved with System and Data Networks and Communications for over 2 decades, and has extensive experience in systems development environments.

Simtek Ltd is an official US DoD Contractor currently working with the USMC on the development of TDS's (Tactical Decision-making Simulations) for their Training Programmes at the First Person, Squad Level, and Strategic Level. The first Sim that is ever to be used as part of training doctrine, CCM (Close Combat Marines) is now in Service at the SOI (School of Infantry) and other Training Units, and is being prepared for rollout to the entire USMC. CSO Simtek is closely involved in not only producing new simulations, but ensuring that existing simulations such as CCM are fully deployable throughout the military.

At present, Simtek Ltd is in discussion with several Organizations who are looking to develop their own TDS Applications in the Military and Civilian environments. - ENDS

CSO Simtek Ltd

providing Expertise and Vision to a Dynamic World

Press Contact:

Shaun Wallace

CSO Simtek Ltd

USMC Contacts:

Paul Nichols


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